Carnivorous Plants release ‘Solo Guitar II’ on NIM BRUT

This new release by Carnivorous Plants is a record full of highly experimental guitar work, going from meditive to guitarnoise. the whole records got me a bit in the vibe of those Japanoise artists, those bands that make heavy psych and go superwild on the guitarsolo noise pieces. Although very noisy, this record got a trippy and eerie atmosphere around it. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Out on Nim Brut.

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Swimming Faith Records

All great record labels start small and today I wanted to share the new record label called Swimming Faith. Swimming Faith started in spring of 2019 by John Toohill who released his solo project Science Man (wich he wrote/recorded/mixed/… by himself) as first band on the label. Soon after came the excellent 2nd LP by Alpha Hopper (in wich John plays guitar).

Both very noisy bands and great names to start the label. The biggest question is ofcourse, can we expect new bands on the label soon? I asked John and he has great plans for the label. He is expecting to release a new Night Slaves (where he sings in) lp in early 2020. A MIDNIGHT VEIN 7inch and a BLACK & WHITE CAT / BLACK & WHITE CAKE flexi disc. It is quite clear John is not really the person to sit still. we can expect new stuff where he plays in, solo and side projects on the label and collaborations with other labels and after all that, wich is quite soon, somewhere end of 2020 he will start to bring new bands in.

I can just feel it, I do, this is going to become a great label, a home for a lot of noisy stuff to love.

Check some of the bands that are on the label and some that will end there sooner or later with new music.



Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, schoenen en nacht


new music

Ongakubaku presents Psychosphere:Vol.1

The Ongakubake label started as a music blog in 2007 and slowly started to grow in a label.  The name Ongakubake is japanese for music fool/idiot. Now they presend a compilation of fine psychedelic rock bands. Pansies who is on the compilation was featured on Fuzzy Sun as one of the favorites of last year.