The Grasshopper Lies Heavy to release ‘A Cult That Worships A God Of Death’

I guarantee lots of awesomeness within this post. The Texas riff monster The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is about the release a fresh album on the great Learning Curve Records (home of so much great bands) and they already shared a new song called ‘The Act of Buying Groceries’ and it is riff fueled monster so i am very curious to hear this beast in full. Out July 15.




new music

Learning Curve Records release Quarantimes Vol 2 Benefit for dosomething​.​org

Another hell of a compilation. The first compilation was one  that benifitted the NIVA (National Indenpendant Venue Association) and now we get a second comp wich is a benefit for dosomething​.​org. Again filled with great artist such as USA NAILS, Chat Pile, Trigger Cut and many more.

Stuff you really want and need to hear, be a good human and buy it.




A Refined Dump

I kinda got lost with all these dumps, I started changing the name of the dumps, forgot how many I did, and now I am just going to give them another name each time. Welcome to the Refined Dump, a dump of really awesome music you need to hear.


A rerelease on Learning Curve Records and Amrep by Minnesota noiserockers Hammerhead. Art by HAZE XXL. Tune in for ‘Memory Hole’.



Ed Hall  release the 1996 album ” Permission to Rock …Denied!” on 150 fluorescent pink and 100 fluorescent green vinyl to represent the makeup the band would wear on stage at the time. Out on Forbidden Place Records.


Held Hostage Vol. 1

Hammerhead, seawhores, Hex Machine and more on this great learning Curve Compilation. Destroy your ears and soul and listen now.


Psychic Graveyard

If you have not heard ‘A Bluebird Vacation‘ by Psychic Graveyard then you really should. The album is out on Deathbomb Arc and is a heavy original mess. This is the new vid for the track ‘I Wanted Everything’.



Psych Stoner band Psychlona is back with new music. Their first shared track and vid is called ‘Blast Off’ and is a gorgeous dose of riffs and heaviness.



Back in May 2019 the UK garagepunkers Sue released their album ‘It will Never End’ and now they are back with a fastpaced and loud new Ep called ‘The Abyss Stares back’.



You will never guess it but FULL OF HEALTH is a collaboration of Full of Hell and Health! Sounds preeetttyyyy Sweeeeet tooo.



German two piece AUA makes trippy kraut music, this first track is really hypnotic and you should check it out now. The track ‘Coke Diet’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘I don’t Want it Darker’wich will be released September 4th.



Venomous Concept

It is four years ago since we heard new music by Venomous Concept (members of Napalm Death and Brutal Truth). Their new album “Politics Versus the Erection” will  release August 28, 2020 on Season of Mist. This is the second track.


New single and clip from the south african rockers Ruff Majik. If you are in need for some more African Heaviness then click this LINK



New Zealand noiserockers Bailterspace exist since 1987 and now they released their new album ‘Concret’. Tune in now.


Child Abuse

Check out the video from the track ‘Imaginary Enemy’ from the same titiled album on Skin Graft Records released last year.


Territorial Gobbing

A little bit of noise never hurt anyone, I evn heard noise is good for the blood and vascular system.So here is 43 minutes of noise called ’10​,​000 Bruce Haacks’.

Sonic Youth

Check out this live set by Sonic Youth. Recorded from ‘Ath The Basement’ in 2007.


new music

Learning Curve Records release Quarentimes Vol 1 NIVA Benefit

Well hello, this is one hell of a compilation. A compilation that benifits the NIVA (National Indenpendant Venue Association). Learning Curve has released this and it is filled with the most cool bands, some wich are new for me and some I really like and have been Fuzzy Sun. Really happy to see Moon Pussy, Conan Neutron, Superthief and Grizzlor on there.  Tune in for some really awesome stuff.