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Modern Technology share second song

The first released track from the duo Modern Technology is called ‘Semi-Detached’ and is  instantly good for me. Heavy noise and riffs, dirty and gritty. Now the UK band has given us the second second single called ‘Blackwall Approach’ wich is yet again awesome. Starting more ominous and with a bass the track slowly builds up to an excellent noiserock track.

Modern Technology is going to release their upcoming full album ‘Service provider’  on August 25 through Human Worth (who made a fantastic Compilation a while ago) and Cruel Nature Records.

Enjoy the track and video of ‘Blackwall Approach’.


new music

Modern Technology to release full album, share song

For a duo these guys make a lot of noise! The new track by UK band Modern Technology is called ‘Semi-Detached’ and is taken from their upcoming full album ‘Service provider’  which will be released August 25. The limited edition vinyl is the first physical release going out through Human Worth (who made a fantastic Compilation a while ago) – A new DIY label putting together charity shows and releases to help raise funds for those in crisis. This will be followed by a cassette release going out through UK label Cruel Nature Records on 3rd July. This first track is really heavy and promises a good album! tune in now.


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Gorgeous noise on the new Modern Technology

The London noiserock band released their self titled album January 7 and it is filled with bleak noiserock.

This duo constists of Chris Clarke on Bass & Vocals and Owen Gildersleeve on Drums. Togother they succeeded in making an original noiserock album that feels ominous and raw. On June 28 they will play their release show in London. If you can, go  check them out live.

Tune in for some noiserock with postpunk influences by Modern Technology.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, staande mensen en schoenen

new music

Track of the week: Black Shape release London

The London heaviness Black Shape released their new record on Hominid Sounds and it contains one track of 45 minutes called ‘London’ wich is the same title as the album.

This record is incredible dense, heavy and an original sonic torpedo. Haunted vocals over gorgeous riffs, noiserock vibes and terrorizing sax, screetching guitars, perfectly timed bleak, brooding parts and some experimental psychedelic atmosphere! This record has made my day complete.

This may be easily one of the best pieces of heaviness of the year and please take 45 minutes to ingest this beauty.

Again an incredible release on Hominid! Tune in for Black Shape’s ‘London’.