Noise and Psych in France

I like making lists and I have made lists with music from Japan, Belgium, Africa and Australia and now I have one about France. This is a list with noiserock, psych and heavy fuzz. I am open to suggestions and will keep updating this list with stuff I forgot and new stuff. Tune in and enjoy.


Kinda fits to start with the band France. This trio makes extremely hypnotic psych. Ended up real high on my end of the year list of 2020 too.

The Psychotic Monks

Really love this band, they make very heavy layered atmospheric rock.

Sofy Major

Excellent noiserock from France!


Karkara is from Toulouse and makes gorgeous fuzzed out psych. They have a new album called ‘Nowhere Land’.


 Fuzzy stonerdoom from Paris!


A mix of noiserock and postrock.

Modulator II

This band makes the most gorgeous heavy fuzz. Highly psychedelic with some garage vibes!

Dusty Mush

From Melun comes the trio Dusty Mush. High energy garagepsych who just released a new EP.


Igorrr makes all kinds of weird metal and they just have to be on this list because i love weird.

J.C. Satan

Bordeaux based band J.C. Satan makes whatever they like.


From Saint Brieuc comes Rosaire who mix garage in psych.


Experimental wild stuff from the Parisian ban Cheveau

Mange Ferraille

Experimental trippy music from Lyon.


Excellent heavy psych with some doom vibes.


One of the rising stars in space rock.


High quality noiserock from Lille.


Noiserock from Marvejols


Psychedelic rock from 1972.

The Liminanas

The duo from Perpignan makes hazy pop/psych


This is The Liminanas and Antone Newcombe from the Brian Jonestown Massacre.


Sloy formed in Béziers, France, in 1991.

Les yeux de la Tête

Sax and noiserock is always a good combination.


Very wild mathy noise rock.

We Insist!

Quite original heaviness from the Parisian band We Insist!

A Shape

Experimental noiserock from Paris/Toulouse.


Neo-psychedelia from Paris

Popera Cosmic

considered to be France’s first dedicated psychedelic album and the shrouded blueprint for the hugely influential Gallic concept album phenomenon that followed – including Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire De Melody Nelson and Gérard Manset’s La Mort D’Orion.


agressive noiserock fromes Arles.

Birds in Row

Hardcorepunk from Laval


The French Melt-Banana

Nose in the Nose

riff fueled Noiserock from Saint Étienne.

Flaming Demonics


80’s experimental heaviness


Passe Montagne

Presque Maudit


Awesome noiserock from Languedoc-Roussillo.



‘Fils unique’ was recorded by Steve Albini.

Room 204



A trio from Paris that makes agressive postpunk/noiserock.


Very angry harcore/noise/punk from Lille.

Valse Noot

Very awesome noiserock from Brest.


The French rockers Cabale are going to release a new Ep and the first track from the EP is out and is called ‘Ditch’. The trio is made up of Rabih Gebeile (Mondo Cane, Murmuration, Backbone Party) on bass and vocals, Arthur Travert (Maud Octallinn, Sundown, Vodka Gun) on drums and Michel Malégeant (Moonman & The Unlikely Orchestra, Desmond Korma, Maps of Jupiter) on guitar.


New EP ‘White Trash’ is out now!


A new band from Bordeaux that absolutely shreds your face of.

Black Ink Stain

From Clermont Ferrand comes Black Ink Stain, wich makes riff feuled sludge noiserock.

Tabatha Crash

This trio makes great noiserock that is fast paces and melodic, their latest album ‘Twist’ was released last year in November

new music

Dump #17

There is a lot of good stuff on this dump, so yeah, you should check it out, maybe now?


The french band Karkara released their new album “Crystal Gazer” October 25. The trio made an album full of fuzz and psych that is absolutely worth your time.



“Breath In/Out” is the latest album by French rockers lysistrata. With enormous energy they mix noiserock, postrock and punk in one great album.



After their previous album “Slake”, wich was absolutely great, the sludgeband Woorms return. Their new album “Twitching, as Prey” will be released January 15, 2020 on Sludgelord records. tune in for the first new music.



trippy comsic psych on the new album “Naad” by Ayahuasca wich was released November 1 on Salty Dog Records.


“Hymns of the Damned” will be released Novelber 22 by the  Swedish heavy rockers  Hazemaze. Heavy riffs, doom vibes and strong vocals. be sure to get this one.


The Orange Kyte

The Vancouver psychedelic rockers The Orange Kyte released their new album “Carousel” on October 25. Tune in for some good psych.


The Choppy Bumby Peaches

The Luxembourg psych band The Coppy Bumby Peaches is back with a new track. “Gugu” is fourteen minutes of dreamy psych with great vocals. Tune in and while you are here, check out their two tracks “Daffodils​/​Dubby” released in April.


Acid Mammoth

Acid mammoth returns with their second album “Under Acid Hoof”. Tune in for some Black Sabbath like doom on their new track “Them!”



Pharmakon makes noise, loud fucking noise. Her previous album ‘Contact’ made quite a dent in the noise landscape and it is no different with her new album. ‘Devour’ seems more tormented, more hellish then ‘Contact’.

Good news (for me anyway) is that Margaret Chardiet is original, she did not make the same album twice. ‘Devour’ has more listenable electronics, more beats and more songs that sound like, well, songs. Take the track ‘Spit it Out’ for instance. An excellent track that is both possible to listen to and still delivers that hellish vibe. Same with ‘Deprivation’ wich may be my favourite. Noisy stuff this is. Out on Sacred Bones




Are you ready for some good German heavy rock. Tune in for the new album by Kadavar! It is called ‘For The Dead Travel Fast’ and is a piece of excellent heaviness filled woth gorgeous riffs, classic heavy metal, stoner and fuzz rock.


The Devil’s Witches

The Devil’s Witches are a UK band that make psychedelic fuzz and doom. Their new album is called ‘Suck My Hex’ and is released October 1. Black Sabbath riffs, psychedelic groove, jazzy tropical interludes and stonerdoom all combined in your favorite new record. The Devil’s Witches play music for the stoned and the tripped out souls. Tune in now.



The Scandinavian Recording & Mix Studio Tapetown released 11 minute live recording at their studio from the brutal noise and doom band Heathe. The track is called ‘On the Tombstones; The Symbols Engraved pt.2 [Tapetown Sessions]’ and comes from their 28 minutes 12 inch by the same name.

Tune in for some epic heaviness.



Shiva and the Hazards

Melbourne / London band Shiva and the Hazards release hazy psychpop. Before their tour they released a new track called “Angkor Wat”. tune in now.




new music

French heavy rockers Lysistrata

Somewhere in France are three dudes who go under the name of Lysistrata. The band released their debut album on Vicious Circle Records in 2017.

Now the band is back with a new track from their upcoming album. ‘Breathe in/Out’ will be released October 18 again on Vicious Circle Records.

Tune in for the track ‘Mourn’ from that upcoming album.



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