Artworks Part I

This is my site and I can do what I please so I am doing something else for a change so all you noiserock and psych fans will have to calm down and just watch this new post. So one of my favourite places on the web (next to Fuzzy Sun ofcourse) is booooooom, a website filled with great pieces of graphic design, paintings, artworks, photographs and stuff like that and I have been checking it out for a long time and on that site I got to know some absolutely stunning artist. My favourite one being Guim Tio who makes the most amazing paintings. Be sure to check him out.

Another one I got to know on the great place that is the internet is called Owen D. Pomery who is an architect and artist that makes drawings of places that speak to the imagination and are each time places I dream of living in. You can buy some of his prints here. I always feel drawn to his work, it has a dreamlike atmosphere for me and I think I watched it so much that it seeps in to my dreams. The four works below are from his concept series, you can find a lot more works and different series on his website.

I don’t know if this post is the start of some new series on this site or if I just wanted to do something else only once. We will see. But there is actually so much to find out about all these artist, like all the amazing albumart from noiserockcovers and who is behind it for example. Or just older, more obscure artworks, all those 60/70s psychedelic posters, who knows, maybe next time I will go more in that direction. Now most of you know this site specializes in noiserock and psychedelic rock so on all the social media stuff I got to know some people with the same interests but who also make artworks so I want to share some of the artists on here who I really like.

First is Megan Umpleby aka Sludgework, a graphic designer who makes these gothic black/white drawings with pen and ink and you can just see in all these detailed artwork how passionate she is about it. She workes with a lot of bands and people connected to music. Here style has this raw punk vibe but still with some humor in it. Now, I got in contact with Miss Umpleby and she offered me a personalized drawing! You can imagine how happy I was about this, The picture I got is the one as a header image for this post and I copied it again just below.

Next up is Win Wallace, an artist that lives in Austin, Texas that makes the most gorgeous artworks. Win Wallace himself has played in bands and made a lot of flyers for pun and noiserock shows. His work is shown across the United States and internationally. He himself plays in the noiserock band Suckling. I came across him through bands like Light Screamer and The Kronk Men and now I am addicted to his work. – check out his instagram page.

Going in the same direction is the Australian artist Erol Zendis who makes music related artwork in a demon/demented style reminiscent of 90’s cartoons. We share a bit of the same music as we can see artworks for Thee Oh Sees, Slift and other heaviness. Erol also makes artwork for Skateboards.

Now I am really on a roll and I seem to have difficulty to stop. I really need to share with you the artwork on the Eiderdown Records Label, a label that specializes in music that is very far out, psychedelic and folky. I got to know them through the psychedlic folk artist Prana Crafter who makes the most beautiful music. The artwork that intriguies me most is are the ones done by Max Clotfelter. Check out his instagram too.

Next up is Luke Oram who makes mostly scifi/fantasy inspired artworks that have an epic feel to it. Here and there I got som Moebius vibes too (wich is one of my favourite artsist). Luke has a lot of works and makes a lot of them for bands too, bands like Dead Otter, Wallowing, Slugdge and more. Be sure to check out his website, instagram and stuff.