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Sei Still share first track from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

The Mexican cosmic kraut band Sei Still are going to release a self titled album on Fuzz Club. The first released track from that album is called “El Camino” and is almost 8 minutes of trippy kraut. Sei Still will be really fun for every fan of the psychedelic. Out on Fuzz Club  April 10. Check it out now.

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Mexican band Sunset Images share new music

This is one of the first bands I shared on Fuzzy Sun when I started the website. This Mexican band creates extremely fuzzy psych combined with a wall of noise. The music is very dense and heavy and still evokes a dreamlike vibe in their music. Their previous album is called “Obscure Daze” and dates back to 2017. So I am verry happy to introduce you the new single by Sunset Images wich is called “Centro de la Ciudad”, a magnificent piece of psychedelic noise.

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Mexican Psych pop Pipe’s Mind

Last year I shared mostly very noisy psychrock and heavy destructive noiserock and I will try to mix it up a little bit in 2020. So I found the band Pipe’s Mind in my mailbox. The band is from Mexico and will soon release a full LP. The track “Magician’s Rabbit” is taken from their upcoming full LP.  The track is has a really trippy dreamlike vibe and is an earworm. Now this is the softer music I really like.

There s a second song available on spotify that sounds like an epic rock classic that is called “Helios”.

I am really curious how their other tracks will sound like. Tune in enjoy the tunes of Pipe’s Mind.

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Holy Sunn share ‘Beyond’ EP

The Mexican psychedelic rockers Holy Sunn sare back with a new EP called ‘Beyond’. Their music is a mix of psychedelic and garage rock.

The 5 tracks on the EP show what the band is worth. Their sound has a dreamlike quality to it but without sounding soft. Their are heavy psych riffs and strong vocals to make this a very good psych album.

Favorite track: Xibalba

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Mexican psych Tajak release new video

I remember Tajak as one of the very first posts I made on Fuzzy Sun. The Mexican band uses an extreme amount of noise and fuzz in their psychedelic rock. The cool ting about the band is their influences, there can be drone rock or ambient influences but it stays absolutely great psychedelic rock. Tune in for the new track ‘I’ve Seen It Fall’ which is hopefully the harbinger for more music.

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new music

Holy Sunn shares clip from upcoming EP

The Mexican psychedelic rockers Holy Sunn shared their new video ‘Beyond’ from their upcoming EP ‘Beyond’.

The first track is has excellent psychedelic vibe with garagerock influences. This EP wil land July 1, mark your calenders because this will be some awesome psych. Check out the first track now!

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