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Minami Deutsch to release new album on Hoga Nord Rekords

On the Swedish label Hoga Nord Rekords  comes the new EP by Japanese krautrockers Minami Deutsch. Their previous album ‘With Dim Lights’ was released last year in April on Gurugurubrain.

The new EP is called ‘Can’t Get There’ and will be out 26/07. Check out the first two released tracks on the EP.




new music

With Dim Light by Minami Deutsch

Formed in 2014, Minami Deutsch released their debut album in 2015 on the Cardinall Fuzz label. Now we get ‘With Dim Light’ on the Gurugura label. The six tracks on the album are crafted with precision, accuratly delivering a repetitive cosmic psych vibe, sporadically accompanied by hazy vocals. A beautifull album that will be played a lot at Fuzzy Sun.



new music

Minami Deutsch / Kuro Split (GOD039)

Again very cool stuff on GOD UNKNOWN RECORDS, this time we got a psychedelic kraut rock track from Japan by the band Minami Deutsch followed by free cosmic jazz sounds by KURO.


minami.pngfoto van KURO.