Two is more than enough to form a band

Sometimes I hear these bands that have only two humans in it and they make more noise then half an orchestra and I am always amazed how much energy and noise they produce with only two. And since I love lists (i know i know) I made a list! Mostly noiserock duos and I am sure I forgot about an awful lot so help out a bit and let me know who I forgot. Tune in for a list of loud duos (maybe next time I will do a list with one man bands)

Vandal X

Who better to start with then the Belgian duo Vandal X, godfathers of Belgian Noiserock. Check them out and if you need more Belgian noiserock, tune in for The Big Belgian Noiserocklist.


The duo from Boston has recently made a split with the duo Greylocks that is really awesome.

Lightning Bolt

Ah Yes ofcourse Lightning Bolt! Probaly the best known noiserock duo making extremely awesome noise with only two dudes since the beginning of sound.


This one is so awesome. Relentless fast paced Japanese noiserock! Melt-Banana is also on my ridiculously long list called ‘The Cosmic side of Japan’.


From Leeds, These ones make absolutely brutal riff fueled heaviness.

Dead Neanderthals

From The Netherlands, not really noiserock but I really love their experimental noise/doom/whatever. Really good band.

Plague Organ

Dutch Duo wich has a member from Dead Neandertals, very evil music, watch yourselves.

Mr. Phylzzz

Cincinnati duo that released music on AmRep.

Dirty Junk

Aha! my favourite duo! Ended on my end of the year list of 2020 too, extremely heavy, extremely loud.


Thrashy riffs rom Bristol.

Modern Technology

Their latest album ‘Service Provider’ is an absolute beast and still plays a lot at my place. From London. On My end of the year list of 2020.

Venus Twins

Brooklyn twin making hell of a racket.

Pure Adult

some punk, nowave, noiserock all mixed together by this New York duo.

Lindblom & Lindblom

Swedish instrumental duo

Marine Todd

Really cool this duo, loud dont care noiserock. From Pennsylvania.


Dirty garagenoise from New Hampshire


Meet the loudest duo from Australia!


Really good noiserock from Chicago!

Big Business

Sludgy doom rock from California.

Acid Cannibals

The Glasgow duo that makes something between spacerock and noiserock.

Heavy Natural

From The Netherlands with a member from Dead Neanderthals. Blackened Punk?


Very heavy bass driven noisepunk from Lille.

Bronson Arm

Bronson Arm plays heavy, punk fueled noiserock. The band consists of only of two dudes named Blake Bickel and Garrett Yates and it seems they don’t need no one else because they do a goddamn great job

Health Plan

Steve Hodson (Blacklisters/USA Nails) and Dan Holloway are the duo that form Health Plan and on the 7th of may they are about the release their new self titled album on Buzzhowl and Nim Brut

Yellow Bulb.

Travis Kuhlman (formerly of Buildings and currently of DUG) and Drew Haddon (also of High Marks, Warning Light) have made an album when they were isolated somewhere in the pandemic.


Cassels is a UK duo of two brothers Jim and Loz Beck and they make punk/noiserock with spoken work.


Two Florida brothers that make the most incredible psych.


Always glad when I see a new release Hominid Sounds and now its the Norfolk duo that sounds like its a six headed band.

new music

Mr. Phylzzz share new track “KARL AND HIS NEW BIG SUIT”

The Cincinnati duo Mr. Phylzzz makes cult rock with a splash of noiserock. I am still enjoying their previous album ‘Penitent Curtis’ and some of their later released tracks and now I can add this awesome new track called “KARL AND HIS NEW BIG SUIT” too.

Tune in for some big fat riffs.




new music

Mr. Phylzzz share cover of The Novas 1964 smash hit “The Crusher”

Cincinnati duo Mr. Phylzzz released their album “Penitent Curtis” last year in September on Amphetamine Reptile Records and their music is between really heavy and absolute fun. Now they shared a cover of The Novas 1964 smash hit “The Crusher”, wiich is again extreme fun. Tune in for some gorgeous noise.



new music

Mr. Phylzzz released “Penitent Curtis” on Amphetamine Reptile Records

With my brain like a goldfish I completely forgot about this Cincinnati duo Mr. Phylzzz. Now, don’t panic, their new album “Penitent Curtis” is still out and it is going nowhere. It was released somewhere at the end of September on Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Now the big question. Is it awesome?

Yes, it is very awesome. Six tracks of heavy energetic riffing with cool vocals. It’s like you found a boring classic rock vinyl and destroyed it to bits, shred the whole vinyl in tiny pieces, drive over it with your car and run high voltage through it then melt it and make a new vinyl that sounds extremely good and you show it to all your hipster friends and they say like wow dude, this is so hip and stuff like that.

be cool and listen to Mr. Phylzzz.




new music

Mr. Phylzzz share ‘Big Deal’ on Amphetamine Reptile Records

Huge stomping riffs and epic heaviness from the duo called Mr. Phylzzz. Their new track ‘Big Deal’ is taken from their 6 track EP ‘Penitent Curtis’ wich will be released September 29 on Amphetamine Reptile Records.

The first track is an absolute banger, shifting between noiserock and catchy riffs, really curious to hear more of this stuff.