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Nearly Dead release “Warmed Up and Left Over”

Nearly Dead is one of those absolutely awesome bands. The band has a lot of very awesome released done already, each one more brutal or dirtier then the one before. This time we get two unused tracks from the 2018 “Something “Stronger” sessions. The band from Victoria has this super dirty sound with saxophones in it wich seem to be blend in perfectly and make it even more dirty. Check out out for youself and listen to “Warmed Up and Left Over” by one of the coolest loud bands on the planet.

new music

Nearly Dead released “Something Stronger”

Now and then i crave for red filthy greasy meat, just like i crave for some dirty chaotic noisepunk now and then.
Nearly Dead can help with these cravings. Blast some them through your speakers. They released the new album “Something Stronger” on October 13.
Favorite track: Swing Sessions
Order all their Canadian Trash, this will make you happy, I promise!

Do as Dr. Shipman says and order something stronger! play loud!

new music

Dirty noisepunk by Nearly Dead

The Canadian Noisepunkers Nearly Dead are ready to release their 4th full lenght. The new one will be called “Something Stronger” and is going to be released October 13.
Their shared track and vid  “Something Stronger” is a dirty, unpolished mix of punk and noiserock. extra points for the awesome trumpets! Listen now and check out more on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.