Favourite music of June 2021

This month got some absolute new banger, I am exceptionally happy with the new Alexis Marshall track and the announcement of the collab between the body and Big Brave. Soem really great stuff in here, ranging from almost metal to destructive noiserock and some really fine psychedelia too. Check out what June had to offer.


New Bedlam release ‘Steady Diet Of Bullshit’

The heavy riffing and the groove give me a bit of Entombed vibes but then more punk. New Bedlam released their new album ‘Steady Diet Of Bullshit’ and its five really loud fun tracks that are both catchy and in your face. Tune in for some no nonsense noiserock from Atlanta.

Favourite track: One Man Shit Show


new music

New Bedlam release ‘Working Stiff’

Atlanta rockers New Bedlam released their new EP ‘Working Stiff’. This is one of those no nonsense riff fueled punk/noiserock/sludge  bands that make high energy rock that is just impossible not to like. ‘Working Stiff’ is five tracks long and is at least ten tracks short. This is the kind of music that I can play all day long, this is car music, work music, sports music (I don’t know this for sure though, have not tried sports yet), this is music that gives you energy, that makes you think you are better then everyone else but sadly you are still the same loser.

‘Working Stiff’ is medicine for the riff worshipper. Tune in now and be blown away.


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