Fuzzy Sun on Hiatus

Everything needs a break and so does Fuzzy Sun. I started this website a couple of years back for fun and with a passion for psychedelic rock and noiserock and in these years I discovered so much awesome music, bands and people. But life is kinda busy and it was getting difficult to combine Fuzzy Sun with normal life so I decided it is a time for a break. When will i start again? In six months? In a year? in 50? Don’t know yet.

Anyhow, it was fun. I will keep this website on air for now and ofcourse I can’t end without another list and ofcourse it is a list with my favourite noiserock and psychedelic rock. For the lazy fucks out there I put everything in a Spotify List too. So here goes, a list with the stuff i liked most since I started Fuzzy Sun.


Gnod has released quite a lot of music, experimental stuff, weirdo music and electronic stuff but what blow me completeley away was their noiserockalbum ‘Chapel Perilious’. Favourite track: ‘Donovan’s Daughters’. They are also in the middle of releasing a new album ‘La Mort Du Sense’ which i will paste here too because Gnod rules.


‘Sorcerer’ may well be one of my most listened psych albums. There is so much magic in their music, it is refreshing and original. They are in my duo list too. The brothers are working on a new album and have the first track out. I will paste this one here too.

Favourite track: Breathe


Well, this album is extremely amazing and I don’t think anyone would argue that.

Favourite track: Ocean Song

Xiu Xiu

A very weird band with albums that vary a lot, always experimental and weird. Favourite track: ‘Wondering’


Ofcourse Beak> has to be on this. Trippy kraut music with a lot of layers. Favourite track: ‘When We Fall’.


And here is my favourite Japanese band! I saw Qujaku live once and was completely blown away by their mix of noise, doom and heavy psych. Favourite track: ‘Kagamie’

You can find Qujaku on The Cosmic Side of Japan.

Prana Crafter

you can just visualize the nutare and the beauty when listening to Prana Crafter. ‘Enter The Stream’ is, I believe, the only album with vocals and it is stunning. Favourite track: ‘Enter The Stream’

Girl Band

If you talk about experimental and loud music then you talk about Girl Band, awesome and destructive, unsettling and wild. Favourite track: ‘Going Norway’.

Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様

There is going to be a lot of Japanese music on here and there is nothing you can do about it. Kikagaku Moyo is a collective of psych/kraut musicians that make chill and trippy music.


If USA/Mexico would be a smell it would be smell of asphalt. You know its all wrong but the black gunk smells good.

Favourite track: ‘Matamoros’

All Them Witches

All Them Witches is a must for me, their bluesy psychedelic desert rock always hits me right in the feels.


Extremely chaotic noiserock from Ghent, Belgium.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt contains more caffeïne then 50 cups of espresso.


So much choice in which album I could share by the most famous psych band in the cosmos and I chose the weirdest album. Can’t help it.

Part Chimp

The return of the UK riff legends.

Black Shape

Riffs, Riffs and more riffs. 45 minutes long riffing with really cool lyrics and vocals.


Another Japanese band and one of the founding fathers of Japanese psych. Wityh a constant stream of new music it was difficult to make a choice but ‘Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe’ spoke to me the most.

Chat Pile

‘Remove Your Skin’ is both brutal and destructive, it is unique in its own way. it is evil. If you want to be a hipster it is good to recommend this to friends.


‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is weird new wave experimental psych stuff. No idea what it is but its damn cool.


I can’t sit still while listening to this, but I can’t dance either, I jsut stand weirdly in the room.

Naujawanan Baidar

Traditional Afghan sounds mixed with modern psych.

Dirty Junk

wild and crazy, ridiculously heavy.

Favourite track: “Hatchu”


Repetitive and highly psychedelic. To completely trip away and never to turn back.

The Armed

The ever mysterious band The Armed delivered something spectacular with their new album ‘Ultrapop’.

Moon Pussy

There is a certain groove to the noiserock of Moon Pussy. Its goddamn catchy noiserock.

Mong Tong

Two brothers sampling weird sounds through traditional Taiwanese music. gorgeous stuff.


Relentless and Intense. one of my favourite UK bands


And extremely powerful debut album by these noisepunkers.

Alex Maas

Alex, vocalist for The Black Angels, made a solo album full of psychelic folk.


Truly exceptional noiserock from Dublin

Population II

funky and trippy psych by the Montreal band Population II.


In your face hardcore punk from this South Korean band.



Tropical Fuck Storm

TFS makes really good garage/psych stuff and they are on my Australian list.

BIG|BRAVE (+BIG|BRAVE with The Body)

The vocals are spectacular, both on their EP ‘Vital’ as the more drone/folk album with The Body.

Modern Technology

Another duo, these two probably went studying in The School of the Distorted Riff.


No noiserock list without Metz.

Pink Room

Nasty, Belgian rocknnoise. In your face garagetrash. Wild Unfermented Punk.

White Suns

There is a big difference between noise and noiserock and White Suns is one of the few that can shift with ease between these two genres. ‘the lower way’ is epic.

Gaffa Bandana

 Gaffa Bandana is the duo Gill Dread (Bruxa Maria) and Jennie Howell (SO3EK, Sleeping Creatures, Gorse. Expect extremely heavy riff fueled noiserock.

Dusty Mush

Experimental psych and fuzz at its best by the French Dusty Mush.

Alexis Marshall

Alexis Marshall (Daughters) released his own solo album ‘House of Lull. House of When’. And it is a poetic mix of industrial, spoken word and experimentalism.

Pure Adult

A powerfull and experimental noiserock and punk band.

Amyl and the Sniffer

‘Comfort To Me’ is the best punk album of 2021. easy.

new music

Check out the first three Grizzlor tracks

The Connicticut trio Grizzlor will release their new album ‘Hammer of Life’ on Hex Records on the first of October. Grizzlor absolutely rips on this first three tracks. This will be again an awesome noiserock album, I can just feel it already. Pre-order it and stuff.



new music

Australian noiserockers Macros

Through the Australian band Lost Talk I came to know the band Macros with members of  LOST TALK, Overtime, Mile End, Mongrel Country. And then I forgot about them again.

So it feels like a kinda new discovery all over again, which is nice. I knew I was impressed with their debut EP in 2019 and was pleasantly surprised that this new EP is really cool. It is a bit a mix of hardcore, noiserock and stuff like that, it is called Brain Tattoo and it perfectly fits my abysmal mood this moring.

Feeling shitty today? tune in to Macros, it will not help you mood at all but it is awesome nonetheless.

Favourite track: Iron Fucker


new music

portrayal of guilt / Chat Pile Split

One of my favourite newish bands is Chat Pile, a band that kinda difficult to pin down and has the sound like an industrial concrete mixer. If you don’t know them I really need you to listen to ‘Remove Your Skin Please’ and I promise you will be blow away.A while ago they did a Sepultura cover for the Flenser’s upcoming compilation. Now they released a split with Portayle of Guilt. The track is called ‘A Brutal Truth’ and maybe their sludgieiest and hievyiest track till now.



Tunic already back with new music

While I am procrastinating and just being generally lazy Tunic is preparing their second album of the year. Their previous album was released in April and was a whooping 23 tracks long. Short and extremely powerful tracks. The album was savored by many and I know this one will be too. You can hear their power again in the first two tracks that are already out from the upcoming ‘Quiter’ that will be released October 25.


new music

Gloop to release ‘Crayon Sun’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released the album ‘Smiling Lines’ in September 2019 and that was a really good one so I am glad to hear they are back with new music. The second track is out and is called ‘Shadows’  and is taken from the album ‘Crayon Sun’ and will be released August 20.


Belgian noiserockers Cere

It has been a while since I added a new band to ‘The Big Belgian Noiserock List’ and this one is really good.

Ceres is a trio from Brussels that makes intense noiserock/hardcore and they released the first track called ‘Uncanny Valley’ From their upcoming EP ‘Endless Days’. A very good track that promises a good and heavy EP, very looking forward to it.

Cehck them out now and pre-order the digital album.

new music

Metz release ‘Live at the Opera House’

Metz has released their latest album ‘Atlas Vending’ in October last year an on it they showed how versatile the band can by while still shredding the meat from your bones. Now the band released a live album where they play ‘Atlas Vending’ in their entirety. buy it on Vinyl.




new music

Grizzlor is back in full force

The Connicticut trio Grizzlor returns with their agressive and powerfull riff fueled noiserock. After the excellent album ‘Coolness Factor 6’ from 2019 and last years compilation we finally have new music by them. They just shared a first track called ‘Talking To Yourself’ from the upcoming album  ‘Hammer of Life’ which will be out on Hex Records. 



new music

Album of the Week: Alexis Marshall (Daughters) release ‘House of Lull. House of When’

The new album By Alexis Marshall (from Daughters) is out and it is called ‘House of Lull. House of When’ and is really really good. Everything Daughters does is instantly awesome for me and it seems Alexis Marshall does the same for me. His solo work may be even bleaker and darker then the his stuff with Daughters and it has a more industrial side to it. The poetry and music go perfectly together and create and absolutely amazing work!  Out on Sargent House.

FFO Kae Tempest but then evil



new music

Chat Pile covers Sepultura

One of my favourite newish bands is Chat Pile, a band that kinda difficult to pin down and has the sound like an industrial concrete mixer. If you don’t know them I really need you to listen to ‘Remove Your Skin Please’ and I promise you will be blow away. Now for the Flenser’s upcoming compilation they did a cover of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’. Tune in now.


new music

Gloop to release ‘Crayon Sun’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released the album ‘Smiling Lines’ in September 2019 and that was a really good one so I am glad to hear they are back with new music. The second track is out and is called ‘Shadows’  and is taken from the album ‘Crayon Sun’ and will be released August 20.


“i’m here to drink nattys and fuck shit up, and i’m all out of shit to fuck up”

The stuff that comes out on Reptilian Records is always pretty damn cool and this time it is no different. The Kansas City trio BIG WATER just released their new album “i’m here to drink nattys and fuck shit up, and i’m all out of shit to fuck up” and it is a mix of brutal riffs, fast peaced energy, noiserock, hardcore and screamo. It is all quite intense, the album title, the noise, the tracks, and that is what makes Big Water awesome, the intensity. Tune in and check them out now.


new music

New track ‘Open Mouth’ by Alexis Marshall (Daughters) from upcoming album ‘House of Lull. House of When’

In 2018 Daughters released ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’ which was not only their first album in a long time but was beyond all expectations, a masterwork of industrial tinged noiserock, brutal and intense. It became immediatly one of my favourite albums ever. Then vocalist Alexis Marshall announced he would release a new solo album and from that album the first tracks are out. Now w e get a new track called ‘Open Mouth’ and it is yet again brutal atmospheric experimental music. I am really looking forward tot this full album!

‘House of Lull. House of When’ will be released July 23 on Sargent House.

new music

Terrible Lovers release ‘Vol.8’

Terribe Lovers is Kenny Johnson. Kenny Johnson was/is in Reverse Engineer, Black Racers, El Chupa Cobras, EK3, He is the Queen, Knucklefish. Kenny Johnson made with his Terrible Lovers project a new album called ‘Tough Luck’ a while ago. And now he is already back but he forced Jeff Quattlebaum on drums and Timothy Buck Brown on bass. Tune in for  ‘Vol.8’


new music

Girls in Synthesis release ‘Shift in State’

The London band Girls in Synthesis are back after their 2020 release ‘Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future’. Girls in Synthesis are a band that can combine post punk and noiserock with ease and as proof you have their new album, a bleak and intense album. Tune in now.


new music

The Gluts share new single on Fuzz Club

Somewhere in italy are the psychedelic punks The Gluts. They have released a couple of great albums already and have a very recognisable sound. This track is called ‘Eat Acid Taste God’ and is from their upcoming album.

Tune in for some cosmic guitar work.



new music

Muscle Vest release ‘Live Laugh Loathe’

Uk band Muscle Vest a re finanlly back with new music after their release of ‘Human Resources’ in 2020. And their are back full force, riffs stonger then ever, full energy noiserock straight in your face. Tune in now for the new EP ‘Live Laugh loathe’ which was released June 11 and you can buy it on cassette on their bandcamp page.