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A compilation of Black Sabbath covers recorded by artists from across the Sacred Bones roster

Sacred Bones has always been an special label, the name brings up somthing magical in me, their bands are so wide on the musical spectrum, between experimental an dreamy, it is just amazing to look in to everything and discover all this gems. Now they released a various artists compilation to To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled Black Sabbath album and ‘Paranoid called  ‘What Is This That Stands Before Me?’. The thing that is immediatly clear and shows why the bands on the label and ofcourse the label itself are so special is because these covers are so unique, each artist truly made a song in their own style, not like many covers just mimic the track but they truly blended and molded the songs in their own way. Just listen to the first song by The Soft Moon, it is an industrial version of the track ‘Black Sabbath’ and then you know you are in for a ride. An 80 techno russian like version? A sludgemetal one or a dark pop version. Some close to recognizing the original some far away. How Hillary Woods molds N.I.B. into her own version is almost sacred. Zola Jesus doing changes gives me the chills and Moon Duo, wich is one of my favourite bands takes care of one of my favourite tracks. And ending with a brutal industrial take from Uniform. This is a label and bands that are extremely professional and good at what they do.

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The Chile band Arteaga released “VOL. III NECROMANCE” on Forbidden Place Records. This album was released by Arteaga on September 23, 2018 but is now re-released on Forbidden Place with live bonus tracks on the album.

The album is a catchy mix of punk, doom,stoner and psych. Tune in for some shredding.

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Finnish fuzz rockers Craneium

The finnish rockers Craneium bring you a new dose of healthy fuzz. They will release their new album December 7 on Ripple music.
Their first released track “I’m Your Demon” is a heavy layered fuzz track with good vocals and excellent solos.
Their new album “The Narrow Line” starts very promising.
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