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Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss release ‘Passionate and Tragic’

‘Passionate and Tragic’ is the new album by Cocaine Piss and is out now. The album is produced by Steve Albini.

I don’t know how this is possible but the noisepunkers succeeded in releasing a groovy album. Seems a bit strange that noisepunk can be groovy, but it is. The sound on their new album has evolved, grown colorfull and is still brutal just like we want from Cocaine Piss.

A really fast and wild album full of excitement.

Favorite track: Body Euphoria

new music

3rd track from the Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss

The upcoming album by Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss will be called ‘Passionate and Tragic’ and will be released April 5. The album is produced by Steve Albini.

Check out their latest shared track by the always wild band Cocaine Piss before the release in a couple of days.

Listen to ‘Eat the Rich’

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