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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

A couple of days ago I saw Kikagaku Moyo live and it was a while ago I saw good concerts due that virus thingy and it really blew my mind and now I am back in the Japanese Psych rabbit hole and to fuel that fire Acid Mothers Temple has released a lot of albums. Live albums, remix versions. rare stuff, audio sessions,… . lets get trippy.  A while ago  I made a list but I got stuck due to laziness.The band is also on my favourite list: the cosmic side of Japan.

new music

‘In Search Of Highs Volume 4’: Acid Mothers Temple & The Infiny Rising Zero & Perhaps on Riot Season Records

It is a long title but it is definitly worth it. You humans know by know I am a fan of all the Japanese noise and doom and psych and that I am always excited if there is something new from Acid Mothers Temple, and it is not only something new, it is even a new offshoot of the band called The Infinity Rising Zero . A while ago  I made a list but I got stuck due to laziness.The band is also on my favourite list: the cosmic side of Japan.

Acid Mothers Temple and The Infinity Rising Zero is:

Kawabata Makoto : guitar
Higshi Hiroshi : synthesizer
Satoshima Nani : drums, programing
Pika : drums, voice, feedback

But we are not only here for Japanese weirdo music, we get new music from the Boston spacelords Perhaps too, a band who has made the most cosmic music. They shared an edit of the first track ‘Mad Smiles already and it is 7 minutes of truly trippy music.

Tune in  Pre-order the vinyl.

new music

Spacerockers Perhaps return with new music on Riot Season Records

On the bandcamp page of the band Perhaps I found out they are from Boston but I highly doubt this, their music is so psychedelic and otherworldly I strongly believe they come from some planet where everything is trippy and only big ass mushrooms grow. The band has released some pretty incredible stuff in the past. “Hexagon”, “V”, and their lastest “Excerpts” where each time a real pleasure to listen to. So now they are back, and they are back on Riot Season Records with their upcoming album “7.0”. We can have a taste of the first track “Don’t Call it Anything”.

While you listen to the preview of the track you can check out who is in this band. They are with quite a lot and there are some really cool names in there.

Jim Haney
Sean McDermott
David Khoshtinat
Ricky Petraglia
Tom Weeks
Ben Talmi
Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple)
Lucas Brode
Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless)
Olivia Kieffer
Tyler Skoglund
Changchang (Hibushibire)

This is full blown fast paced cosmic rock made for you. Listen now.


new music

Excerpts by Perhaps

The Boston space rockers Perhaps released “Hexagon” this year and is featured on my best of list of 2018.

Now they teamed up again with Riot Season Records for a Retrospective/compilation album called “Exerpts”. The profit of the pay-what-you-want album will go directly towards the Perhaps EU tour of 2019.

The album shows again that they are capable of epic space tunes.  Released December 6.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekenen


new music

Perhaps release “Hexagon”

Perhaps this is one of the best releases of the year. The Boston space rockers Perhaps released “Hexagon” today on Riot Season Records.
The album contains four tracks, each one about 24 minutes long. This space music, this repetitive cosmic soundtrack is more of a feeling, something your mind does when you are daydreaming. I am uncertain how to describe this any further, it is clear by now you should join the trip now.

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new music

space tunes by Perhaps

Perhaps is one of those bands that just oozes psychedelic mystery in their music. Te Boston spacerockers will release their new album “Hexagon” on Riot Season Records. The album will have 4 tracks, each about 24 minutes long and each is spacey as the next.
The release is on October 12 but in the meantime we can listen to two teasers. Check out “The Number of the Priest”.
For more psych go to Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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.–. . .-. …. .- .–. …

Alright, I am intrigued. New music popped up on the great label Riot Season Recordings and its music by Perhaps, the great spacerock band from Boston. In morse code they announce Perhaps 6 and share a first song. Enjoy some repetitive space rock with the latest track “.​-​-​. . .​-​. .​.​.​. .- .​-​-​. .​.​. / .​.​.​. . -​.​.​- .- -​-​. -​-​- -.”
Sounds from the future