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Mexican Psych pop Pipe’s Mind

Last year I shared mostly very noisy psychrock and heavy destructive noiserock and I will try to mix it up a little bit in 2020. So I found the band Pipe’s Mind in my mailbox. The band is from Mexico and will soon release a full LP. The track “Magician’s Rabbit” is taken from their upcoming full LP.  The track is has a really trippy dreamlike vibe and is an earworm. Now this is the softer music I really like.

There s a second song available on spotify that sounds like an epic rock classic that is called “Helios”.

I am really curious how their other tracks will sound like. Tune in enjoy the tunes of Pipe’s Mind.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen

new music

A psychpop gem by The Vryll Society

The world can always use more bands like The Vryll Society. The psychedelic summer vibes on the new album “Course of The Satellite” are beautifully crafted and have a high sing a long factor. Easy psychpop for fans of early Tame Impala.
Favorite track: Light at the edge of the world
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify List

foto van The Vryll Society.



Fuzzy Psych pop Okey Dokey releases nice summer vibes

Listen to their album Love You, Mean it out now. This is the perfect album to start summer. Love You, Mean it  is a feel good album with some nice psych influences. play it loud, play it outside and feel good (and maybe a little nostalgic)