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Update 2 : The Cosmic Side of Japan

This is the second big update that i did on “The Cosmic Side of Japan”. This  second update I did with help from Adam (@vogonlaundromat on twitter). Adam is psychedelic rock fan and has a ridicilous knowledge of the Japanese psych scene. Check out the new addition here or the full list = “The Cosmic Side of Japan”.

Space Streaking

someone said Space Streakings is Hyper-Disco Grindcore (sporting an industrial-sized dollop of alien hip hop, and a healthy dose of “WTF?”). I can’t really argue with that. The band was made from members Captain Insect, Karate Condor, Kame Bazooka, Screaming Stomach and Kashikari Rental Rocket. I Think.


Here is a relativly normal band in difference with space streakings. Nishinihon was made from Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple etc.) and is gorgeous heavy psych filled with trippy guitar work and excellent psychedelic vibes. Other members where Tsuyama Atsushi, Ichiraku Yoshimitsu and Okano Futoshi.

Ohkami No Jikan

Made of Nanjo Asahito , Emi Nobuko, Kawabata Makoto , Miura Maki, Hibari Nagao and Asai. This band was also known as “The Seventh Seal”.

Overhang Party

Made of Fukuoka Rinji, Nishino Kouji, Yamazaki Iwao.


Sarry makes Japanese vocal noise drone. well, whatever that is. have a listen.


A very weird Japanese Fusion band that blends, jazz, noiserock, psych and other weird things.

Sax Ruins

Maybe you guessed it, maybe not because what the hell is all this, but Sax Ruins is a newer version of Ruins. Instead of the bass player on Ruins we get the alto sax player Ono Ryoko. Their only release is on Ipecac Recordings.


A Japan-US collaboration with members KK Null, Jim O’Rourke, Darin Grey and Thymme Jones. Their self titles was released 94 on Skin Graft Rcords.



new music

Update: The Cosmic Side of Japan

I have a list that is called “The Cosmic Side of Japan” and it is filled with psychedelic, garage, doom and noiserock bands from long ago as well as very recent bands. I recently had some help from a friend who seems to be somewhat of an expert on the Japanese psych genre. In this post I will share some bands and add them to the list. These are the latest additions to the list.

White Heaven

White Heaven was established by singer/guitarist You Ishihara somewhere in the eighties, then under the name Living End. After a lot of different line ups White Heaven released their debut LP “Out” in 1991. The band made a couple more LP and ended with “Levitation” in 1997.

Psycho Baba

Experimental psych by sitar player Mhayow and Boredoms members Yoshimi and Hira. “On the Roof of Kedar Lodge” was released 2000. The band has one other album and a couple of live albums.

Musica Transonic

Heavy japanese psych band Musica Transonic was formed in 1995 by Nanjo Asahito (bass), Makoto Kawabata (guitar) and 吉田達也 [Tatsuya Yoshida] (drums).

20 Guilders

Japanese psych/folk band 20 Guilders is made of TABATA MITSURU and Suzuki Junzo. Tabata is known for founding Boredoms, Zeni Geva and ex member of Acid Mothers Temple.


Psychedelic rockers Psyche Bugyo led by long-term Acid Mothers Temple member Atsushi Tsuyama with Ryota NISHI (keyboards), Keizo SUHARA (bass), and Nani SATOJIMA (drums)


Formed in 86 in Osaka. Boredoms has had numerous line up changes through the years. And singer Yamantaka Eye being frontman. Boredoms is experimental noiserock or like they say, Japanoise.

Zeni Geva

Brutal  Japanese noise band Zeni Geva was formed in 1987 and features singer and guitarist KK. Null and drummer Tatsuya Yoshida.

High Rise

Another Heavy Psych/noiserock band. High Rise was formed in 1982 by bassist Asahito Nanjo and guitarist Munehiro Narita. Originally called Psychedelic Speed Freaks but they changed their name advised by PSF records.