Studio Jams Volume 4 by Psychic Lemon

The trio that is Psychic Lemon has released some incredible space/kraut/psychedelic rock and now they have released the fourth volume of their studio jams. Two langthy tracks that are extremely trippy filled with epic guitarwork. Tune in now.


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Part II: New releases, Specials, Artists and labels offering donations on Friday, June 5

This is the second part of the releases on June 5, the day bandcamp is waiving their share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. They will also donate 100% of their share of sales on Friday, June 19th to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their work. More info here. Here are some of the artist that released awesome stuff today.

Check out Part I here if you have not already.

Sly & The Family Drone

Today we get the new track by noisemasters Sly & the Family Drone. I was really amazed by their previous 2019 album ‘Gentle Persuaders’, it was a really strong album that enden high on my end of the year list too. Now the new track is called ‘Shrieking Grief’ and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Walk It Dry’. The excellent album cover is made by Kazland. The new track is really heavy, the drums are intense, the saxophones and noise. Sly & the Family Drone is a band that keeps evolving and again we can hear how strong they are on this new track.


Hot Snakes

Last year in November and in February this year Hot Snakes have released two new singles. now we get the track from their 2018 split single w Mudhoney, released as a limited-edition 7″ for Sub Pop’s 30th anniversary, is being released digitally for the first time ever for one day only on Bandcamp on June 5.


La Jungle / Hyperculte Split

The is a new label that is called Hyperjungle and for their first release we get a split records between Belgian band LA Jungle and Hyperculte. Two hypnotic tracks for your listening pleasure.



The Band Whose Name is A Symbol

The hypnotic space rockers are back with an album called ‘Unsemble’ today. Recorded in 6 different locations on various devices by each member of TBWNIS during the months of March and April 2020. Track V recorded by Christopher Laramee (Wasted Cathedral) in Saskatoon, SK April, 2020 and herbed and whiskeyed by Jay Loos and Laramee. Again extremely hypnotic and experimental psych an spacerock.



KLÄMP  is Jason Stöll (Sex Swing, Twin Sister, Mugstar, God Unknown Records, Bonnacons of Doom), Greg Wynne (Manatees) and Lee Vincent (Pulled Apart By Horses, Concentration Champ). KLÄMP makes fuzzd out noise rock, bass heavy post whatever. It is awesome and you need to check out the first track ‘Arise’ from their upcoming album ‘Hate You’ wich will be released on Godunknown in Spetember. The track was made in the shitty month of March 2020.



I have shared Naujawanan Baidar from the label Radio Khiyaban in the past, and I was so happy to discover this Netherlands based label because Naujawanan really brought me a lot of listening pleasure. It ended real high on my end of the year list between all the noise and heavy psych.

Now I immidiatly started following the label ofcourse and now there is a new release by a band called Carrom. This is an Indo-Canadian psychedelic rock band and they released their full album ‘Alter-Destinies’ today and it is a gorgeous piece of exotic psych. Buy your casette now, you need it.




Toronto based feminist metalband Lilim released their new album ‘𝔚𝔢𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔢𝔡 𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔰’ today and it is same intense stuff. ALL PROCEEDS GOING TOWARDS THE BLACK LEGAL ACTION CENTRE. Tune in now for some hardcore/thrash/just very heavy metal.



Two tracks that are noisy AF. Vangas released two tracks on Chunklet Industries on this glorious day. Tune in for some heaviness.




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Part I: New Releases, specials, Artists and labels offering donations on Friday, June 5

Goooodmorning, Today bandcamp is waiving their share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. They will also donate 100% of their share of sales on Friday, June 19th to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their work. More info here. Here are some of the artist that released awesome stuff today.
Mr Bungle

This is Mr. Bungle’s first first rcorded music since 1999i And they start with a A cover of The Exploited’s “USA” with 100% of the proceeds going to MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund. Stream, download and pick up the limited-edition shirt here: https://lnk.to/MBUSA

The Great Sabatini

The album called ‘DIAL TONE [REDUX]’ is filled with demo versions, some already releasd stuff and some things nobody heard yet. Fourteen tracks of very heavy noiserock, sludge and hardcore. Enjoy.

Psychic Lemon

The UK space rockers Psychic Lemon released the second part of their Studio Jams. They want nothing in return, just that you enjoy these fine trippy sounds.


The ever experimental band Gnod has made an collaborative album with BNSU and it is released on Tesla Tapes and Brain Pussyfication. 50% of the revenue by Tesla Tapes label will be donated to MASI, an organisation working for the asylum seekers and immigrants in Ireland. Consider supporting their activities as well as their cause.www.masi.ie

The two tracks are experimentel, hellish and brutal, just the way I like it.


Lightning Bolt

One of the most furious bands on earth sells their last copies of Oblivion Hunter on CD. They will donate to the ACLU. All Hail Lightning Bolt.

Tropical Thrash

After ‘Southern Indiana Drone Footage’ Tropcial Trash has become one of my favourite bands. Now they released ‘Shrinking Maze: 2011-2020’, a collection of songs. Fifty Nine songs!!!


Some demos and rarities by hardcore punk band Ex-Breathers. All money raised from this release will be donated to Tallahassee Dream Defenders.

Skin Graft Records

Skin Graft Records is an amazing label and released four very cool things today.

First is Ufo or Die wich is on my Japanese list too. The two remasterd tracks on the 7 inch ‘Shock Shoppers’ comes with a comic book too.

Brise-Glace release ‘In Sisters All And Felony (Single and Comic Book Set)’. Two remastered tracks.

US MAPLE release ‘Stuck (Single & Book Set)’. The 7″ vinyl release includes a clear vinyl single, a digital download of the songs and an instantly downloadable PDF booklet commemorating U.S. Maple’s first year as a band.

Shellac / Big’n / Brise-Glace / U.S. Maple ‘SIDES 1-4 (Double Single & Comic Book Set)’. The 2×7″ vinyl release includes a printed comic book sleeve, a digital download of the single and an instantly downloadable PDF of the comic book that has been expanded and remastered for this release.

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Psychic Lemon Release “Freak Mammal”

The London trio Psychic London has made with “Freak Mammal” their strongest album to date. “Freak Mammel” is a very succeeded mix of space rock, psych and kraut. It is not the most easy album to listen to but after a couple of times it starts entering you brain and it start to feel comfy there and it will never leave.

If I ever won a spaceship and go cruising through the cosmos then this will be my favorite album.


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Music Dump #14 with new track from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Psychic Lemon, Routine Death and many more

I can not keep up with all these good new releases, there are just too many. so instead of ignoring them i dump them all in these list. enjoy part 14.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

The Autsralian band that keeps on giving fast paced psych. This time a new track called ‘Mundungus’.


Psychic Lemon

After the great ‘Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay’ and the live album the UK comic crusaders Psychic lemon return with a new song. ‘White Light’ is pure psychedelic energy.


Sons of Zöku

The Australian band Sons of Zöku makes breezy psychedelic rock with sitar and flute and stuff like that. Cool instruments for cool music! tune in for their latest track ‘Dead Poets’. You can find them on the Australian List too.


Routine Death

The band released their first new track ‘Tubeway Revolution’ from their upcoming album ‘2 Weeks To 4 Months’ wich will be released on Fuzz Club Records on October 19. Tune in for same dreamy fuzz.



The Italian band Indianizer has been on Fuzzy Sun a couple of times. Their mix of tropical music and psychedelic tunes keeps intriguing me. Tune in for their new track ‘Sin Cleopatra’


Magic Shoppe

Boston psych rockers Magic Shoppe released a fuzzed out new track called ‘Candy Flip’. Tune in for some psychedelic vibes.


White Ashes

Tune in to hear some trippy Detroit psych sounds. Listen now to the new EP ‘The Greater Fool’ by White Ashes.

Magdalena’s Brown Bag

Mellow vintage tunes from Magdalena’s Brown Bag. Listen to the new EP with that same name.


Hey Bulldog

Manchester garage/psych rockers Hey Bulldog are back with their energetic heavy rock. The EP “Death And Greet” was released the 4th of October and is loud and goddman catchy.


Ohio Mark

The Belgian band Ohio Mark released their new album ‘Exotism’ on September 27 through Sentimental. The Antwerp band made a powerfull album filled with post-punk and post-rock madness.


The Shattered Mind Machine

The first track ‘Deus Vult’ from the Swiss rockers The Shattered Mind machine is out. The track is taken from their upcoming album ‘Gourrama’.



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spacemusic Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon will release “Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay” January 12 next year. Let us listen to this space music.  “Interstellar Fuzz Star” is an energetic space journey and make sure you are on it because it will be cool (and only cool kids go on space journeys ofcourse).