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Trigger Cut release ‘Rogo’

The German three piece Trigger cut are back after their 2019 album ‘Buster’. The new album ‘Rogo’ is out since March 1 and and is quite the beast. It seems Trigger Cut has switched to a higher gear, their music sounds fuller and maybe a bit faster and more agressive, maybe this is because the album was written during the pandemic (you probably heard about that). Ralph Schaarschmidt (you may came across his name throughout the internet about all things noiserock/postpunk)  delivers the treble guitar and slightly deranged vocals on ‘Rogo’ and its those vocals that give it a bit of an extra kick for me, they make it sound a bit more crazy, give the whole album a more raw feel.

‘Rogo’ is an excellent album, it is a sonic attack of noiserock with some postpunk vibes. Lucky for you the LP is also beautifuly designed so it will fit just nice in you collection. Order it on bandcamp now.


new music

Four tracks up for a listen from the upcoming album ‘ROGO’ by Trigger Cut

Trigger Cut is ready to release a really strong album in March. the four tracks that are out from the upcoming album ‘ROGO’ are really great. The tracks are riff fueled noispunk tracks with enough energy to make you forget about viruses and death and other boring things. Put this tracks on repeat and make sure you have preorder the album.

new music

Trigger Cut to release new album ‘ROGO’ on March 1, 2020. Listen to two tracks

Trigger Cut released their debut album ‘Buster’ in May last year and it was a great album for sure but I don’t know what happened, did Covid get to them? Did they eat too much peppers? Are they on hard drugs? Because the first two tracks that are out are absolutely awesome and really heavy. The First track ‘Solid State’ really hits my feels. Trigger Cut for the win in 2021. Tune in and pre-order the album now goddammit. Don’t wait, it will be gone.

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Label: Society of Losers

The Liverpool based label Society of Losers is interesting to take a closer look at. The bands on the label are all pretty good and pretty damn loud. I came across the label through Forever in Debt (wich has changed their name to Infants).


Infants is a UK band from Widnes and makes a mix of noiserock and grunge. The music is agressive yet catchy, the way we like it. The first track ‘Apple of Her Eye’ from their upcoming album has been shared. have a listen and check out some of their previous music too.


This Chesterfield band also knw how to make hell of racket. They too have shared a new track and it starts pretty mellow but quickly becomes a psychedelic/noise/stoner sound. This is a band to watch!


The band Wife was born in Liverpool and makes dirty and noisy punk. their latest release is from 2017 so hopefully we can get something new soon from these noisy bastards.

Salt The Snail

This band oozes fun. Salt the Snail makes good old fashioned noisy punk that needs to end in your ears. their latest EP ‘Lazer Quest’ was released March 18.

Bisch Nadar

Another Liverpool band that released new music in March. tune in for the new track ‘Leaders’.

Dead Houses

Dead Houses latest makes is from 2018. The EP ‘Like To Know / Greys’. Noisy alternative rock from Liverpool again!

Sweet Deals on Surgery

Alternative punk by the Manchester band Sweet Deals on Surgery. tune in for their latest release on November 2018.

Mr. Ted

Mr. Ted released their new single February 23. The track ‘Muscle Milk’ will be featured on their upcoming debut album.


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Punkrockers Tropical Trash

Really glad I came across this band just now, I seem to have missed their latest album that was released in January.

The Louisville punkrockers Tropical Trash released their latest album ‘SOUTHERN INDIANA DRONE FOOTAGE’ January 8 this year. And their music ranges from catchy punk to agressive noisepunk. There is an really cool vibe to the music, filled with energy and grit this is one awesome band.

Favorite track:  Third & Fourth Ingredient.

Check them out now.

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Noiserockers Trigger Cut release ‘Buster’

The debut album by this three piece is pretty damn awesome. The German noiserock trio Trigger Cut will send their new LP ‘Buster’ into the world on May 1.

‘Buster’ is a mix of punk and noiserock that possesses an agressive energy and with enough groove to make this an absolute kicker of an album.

Tune in and check out ‘Buster’ by the energetic trio Trigger Cut.

Favourite track: Free Hugs

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, staan

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German noisepunkers Trigger Cut

The German three-piece are getting ready to release their debut album “BUSTER”.

They play dirty noise/punkrock that feels like a sledgehammer in the face and we can listen to some music before the release. Check out “Pony Pony”, “Blind” and “Transfer”.

These are some angry tracks. Put them on repeat until we get the debut!

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