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Music Dump #15

We are at Dump number 15. Again a dump full of amazing music that needs to be heard. A bit of a mix of all the stuff we like at Fuzzy. Give them a spin.

Toronto Blessings

Uk rockers released their new album ‘Asleep’ on October 10. A good punk and noiserock kick in the face.

Lush Worker

Lush Worker is Mike Vest, the guitarist from a crapload of bands. he plays in BLOWN OUT, MELTING HAND, BONG, DRUNK IN HELL, HAIKAI NO KU, 11PARANOIAS, BASILLICA, DODGE METEOR, OBLIVION REPTILIAN. Here the first music from his upcoming experimental psychedelic work.


The latest album by CFM (Charles Moothart) is called ‘Soundtrack to an Empty Room’ and is an excellent rocknroll album filled with great fuzz.

Garcia Peoples

The New Jersey psychpop band Garcia Peoples released their new LP ‘One Step Behind’ and this is the band at their peak. Their first track is 30 minutes long and is a gorgeous blend of folk, psychjazz and indierock. Tune in now.

Routine Death

The new full album ‘2 Weeks To 4 Months’ by Routine Death is now out on Fuzz Club. Drown yourself in a sonic stream of fuzz.

Gong Gong Gong III

Bejing based duo Joshua Frank – Bass and Tom Ng – Guitar/Vox deliver a mix of blues, psych and folk. Listen to ‘Phantom Rythm’ now.


This is some groovy rock by Sydney band Balko. Their EP ‘DED’ is pretty new and pretty cool. listen for yourself.

Hugs of the Sky

Belgium psych rockers Hugs of the Sky formed only one year ago and already have a lot of music. Tune in for ‘Virtual Lullaby Circus’ that was released August 5.


Two tracks are already out from the upcoming album ‘Stendell’ by noiserockband Tile. The album will be released on Corpseflower records on November 22.

Stella Splendens

A gorgeous mix of indie rock and noisepop on the new track ‘Pegasus’ from the upcoming EP by Stella Splendens.


Are you up for some High Fantasy stonerpsych or can’t you handle so much cool?


Brighton psych rockers YETTI are releasing their self titled album November 8.


The first full lenth by Ei wich is called “III” will be released  November 15 on Suicide Records. Check out the first released track by this hardcore/punk band.


new music

Music Dump #14 with new track from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Psychic Lemon, Routine Death and many more

I can not keep up with all these good new releases, there are just too many. so instead of ignoring them i dump them all in these list. enjoy part 14.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

The Autsralian band that keeps on giving fast paced psych. This time a new track called ‘Mundungus’.

Psychic Lemon

After the great ‘Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay’ and the live album the UK comic crusaders Psychic lemon return with a new song. ‘White Light’ is pure psychedelic energy.

Sons of Zöku

The Australian band Sons of Zöku makes breezy psychedelic rock with sitar and flute and stuff like that. Cool instruments for cool music! tune in for their latest track ‘Dead Poets’. You can find them on the Australian List too.

Routine Death

The band released their first new track ‘Tubeway Revolution’ from their upcoming album ‘2 Weeks To 4 Months’ wich will be released on Fuzz Club Records on October 19. Tune in for same dreamy fuzz.


The Italian band Indianizer has been on Fuzzy Sun a couple of times. Their mix of tropical music and psychedelic tunes keeps intriguing me. Tune in for their new track ‘Sin Cleopatra’

Magic Shoppe

Boston psych rockers Magic Shoppe released a fuzzed out new track called ‘Candy Flip’. Tune in for some psychedelic vibes.

White Ashes

Tune in to hear some trippy Detroit psych sounds. Listen now to the new EP ‘The Greater Fool’ by White Ashes.

Magdalena’s Brown Bag

Mellow vintage tunes from Magdalena’s Brown Bag. Listen to the new EP with that same name.

Hey Bulldog

Manchester garage/psych rockers Hey Bulldog are back with their energetic heavy rock. The EP “Death And Greet” was released the 4th of October and is loud and goddman catchy.

Ohio Mark

The Belgian band Ohio Mark released their new album ‘Exotism’ on September 27 through Sentimental. The Antwerp band made a powerfull album filled with post-punk and post-rock madness.

The Shattered Mind Machine

The first track ‘Deus Vult’ from the Swiss rockers The Shattered Mind machine is out. The track is taken from their upcoming album ‘Gourrama’.


new music

Some nice psychpop bands to make your week better

First one to share is a track from Drugdealer. His latest album, The End Of Comedy, dates back from 2016. Now the collective shared a new track called ‘Fools’ from their upcoming album ‘Raw Honey’ wich will be released April 19 on Mexican Summer.

Tame Impala is back with new music, the band shared their new track ‘Patience’. listen now.

The Gotenburgh duo Routine Death shared their first track ‘Stay’ from their upcoming album on Fuzz Club Records.

Garcia Peoples new single on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

The Belgian psychpop Hulder band released the second single ‘Volcano’ from their upcoming album ‘Golden Ages’

The LA psychpop band PAINT released their latest album on Mexican Summer. Check out the vid from the track ‘Wash’.

A videoclip for the ‘ANHUM’ track from their latest album  ‘Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request’ by the Brazilian psych band BIKE.

The Belgian band Ventilateur released their debut EP March 22 called ‘Keramiek’. The music is a fusion of jazz and psych. check out the video for ‘Jacqueline’.

Chicago psychpop band Lucille Furs released their mellow 60′ psychpop album ‘another land’ on March 15.

Australian tropical psych The Dandelion is back with a new album called ‘Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion’. A chill album just in time for the summer. Chill, open a beer and listen tot The Dandelion.