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new OZO on Drone rock Records

OZO, the band with members of Bong, Ballpeen, Vanishing, 11Paranoias, Drunk In Hell, Lush Worker and Blown Out is back with a new album. Their previous album ‘Saturn’ was not long ago released on Riot Season and now they return with ‘Pluto’ on Drone Rock Records. On this album they are more psychedelic then ever and more brutal too. ‘Pluto’ is gorgeous and wild.

Pre-orders start end of the month on Drone Rock Records. Tune in for the track ‘Ninety Nine Years’.


new music

OZO released “Saturn” on Riot Season Records

OZO sounds like free jazz on acid, a love affair between a saxophone player and a heavy psych collective. OZO are Graham Thompson (Ballpeen), Karl D Silva (Drunk In Hell) and Mike Vest (Drunk In Hell, BONG, 11Paranoias, Melting Hand). They found the perfect home for their crazy records on Riot Season Records. Embrace yourself, roll yourself in fetal position and listen to OZO.

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