A while ago I made a list of noiserock bands with only two members so obviously I needed a list for one man bands too. Because I only knew a couple one man bands (with my all time favourite Reptoid) I asked for help on some forums and stuff and got a lot of answers. So , embrace yourselves for a lot of angry loud noises from bands with only one human.


Jordon Sobolew is an Oakland based pizza master and one man noiserock machine.

Black Pus

Black Pus is the one man band of Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale. The energy that comes out of this dude is not of this world.


Thrones is Joe Preston who played bass in  bands like Earth, Melvins, Men’s Recovery Project, The Need and High on Fire.

Ruins Alone

Believe it or not but this is Yoshida Tatsuya from Ruins, but then alone.

Brick Layer Cake

Todd Trainer known from bans like Shellac, Rifle Sport and Breaking Circus. Old and gold from Touch and Go records.

Bob Log III

Dressed in a cannonball suit with motorcycle helmet Robert Logan Reynolds III plays some kind of blues guitar hybrid music.

Lili Refrain

Guitar, loops and vocals by the one woman band Lili Refrain. Epic pagan music.


relentless black metal by Jef Whitehead. it is evil.


Brutal solo synth punk by Douglas D Halbert.

The Swine

dirty music for dirty people by Aaron M.

Terrible Lovers

on his latest records its a trio but before that Kevin Johnson made loud music alone.

Science Man

John Toohilln is the founder of Swimming Faith Records and plays in Alpha Hopper and other bands but his solo project is Science Man.

Asbestos Worker

This is thze one man band from Josh Stever (who is an Asbestos Worker)

No Bunny

no info needed


“8 tentacles 1 man band / Geek-core
Born in a fish tank in Seoul, Octopoulpe is a half-naked creature playing tentacular music, from Math-rock to punk-hardcore. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can play drums and control other instruments and video-projections at the same time, allowing him to play with his digital self, as well as with many other guests”


weirdo one man band music from JG Thirlwell.

Christian Fitness

Andy Falkous of Future Of The Left, mclusky.

mr marcaille

The bearded cello barbarian Arnoud Marcaille.


Syndrome is a project which is fronted by Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra, Kingdom, SemblerDeah, Caan, Skemer)


if robots don’t count then this is a one man band, and an awesome one.


It’s a guy in a mask, It’s Gull

Tommi Stumpff

Electro punk weirdness from the 80s

Bug Attack

German one man hardcore Punk.

Mr. California and the State Police

You will have to agree with me that this is incredibly cool.

End You

This is Eric Smith, and Eric Smith makes a lot of noise on his own. ‘Aimless Dread is his latest on The Ghost is Clear’.


The honkin’ squonkin’ washboard sideshow one man band Quintron released somwhere in the nineties on Skin Graft Records.

Tren Go! Sound System & Ornamental

The sounds are fromPedro Pestana (10 000 Russos and Talea Jacta). Tune in now for some fine Portuguese psychedelia. For vinyl please refer to Dirty Filthy Records or Pink Tank Records

new music

Science Man release ‘II’

This year we will get a new Alpha Hopper (wich our dear science man is a member of) and ofcourse the new Science Man (John Toolhill). John is in a lot of other stuff too wich you can check out on his very own label called Swimming Faith Records.

Now Science Man released ‘II’ on November 6 and its a gorgeous fest of punk and noiserock. Fast paced noisy guitar riffs in your face for ten tracks long, sometimes catcy sometimes just brutal. Tune in and buy the Science Man LP.


new music

Three tracks by Science Man before the release of ‘II’

This year we will get a new Alpha Hopper (wich our dear science man is a member of) and ofcourse the new Science Man (John Toolhill). John is in a lot of other stuff too wich you can check out on his very own label called Swimming Faith Records.

Now Science Man will release ‘II’ on November 6 and has shared three tracks already. Tune in, turn up loud and get warm for the release!


new music

Science Man to release ‘II’

I just heard the new track by Alpha Hopper wich will be released on November on hex Records and in Alpha Hopper is John Toolhill who hasa solo project called Science Man which has now announced a new album. John is in a lot of other stuff too wich you can check out on his very own label called Swimming Faith Records.

Now Science Man will release ‘II’ on November 6 and has shared two tracks already. The tracks are furious noise and punk energy with a bombastic quality to it, the tracks are really well produced a manage to create a nice tingling sensation in my brain.

This sounds like a promising album. Check out the tracks now and pre-order this.


new music

A Hardcore Punk Dump

Some raw, unfiltered noisy hardcore punk for you because I love you.


On the German label Interceptor Editions there is this new EP by NYC hardcore band Sirkka (with lyrics in Finnish). It is called ‘Kuluttava Kone’ and has four intese hardcor epunk songs on it.

Science Man

‘Match Game’ is the new album by noise/hardcore/punk band Science Man. The album is out on Swimming Faith records, you can find more about the label here. Tune in for some fast and intense hardcore punk.


Warm Red

‘Decades of Breakfast’ is the upcoming album from Atlanta noisy punk band Warm Red. The album is coming out sometime in October via State Laughter. Check out the first track ‘Super Bowl’.


Extremy loud hardcore punk from melbourne called Prostate. New album is called ‘Funeral Politics’ and is brutal.



new music

Swimming Faith Records

All great record labels start small and today I wanted to share the new record label called Swimming Faith. Swimming Faith started in spring of 2019 by John Toohill who released his solo project Science Man (wich he wrote/recorded/mixed/… by himself) as first band on the label. Soon after came the excellent 2nd LP by Alpha Hopper (in wich John plays guitar).

Both very noisy bands and great names to start the label. The biggest question is ofcourse, can we expect new bands on the label soon? I asked John and he has great plans for the label. He is expecting to release a new Night Slaves (where he sings in) lp in early 2020. A MIDNIGHT VEIN 7inch and a BLACK & WHITE CAT / BLACK & WHITE CAKE flexi disc. It is quite clear John is not really the person to sit still. we can expect new stuff where he plays in, solo and side projects on the label and collaborations with other labels and after all that, wich is quite soon, somewhere end of 2020 he will start to bring new bands in.

I can just feel it, I do, this is going to become a great label, a home for a lot of noisy stuff to love.

Check some of the bands that are on the label and some that will end there sooner or later with new music.



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