White Canyon & The 5th Dimension release ‘Spectral Illusion’

White Canyon & The 5th Dimension is a band from Brazil that makes very trippy music. They have just released their second album ‘Spectral Illusion’. On this album they create a whole sonic world that sounds epic and psychedelic, their music has postpunk, shoegaze, psych and a lot of influences that give their music a dreamlike vibe. An album that is easy to enjoy, that fits for al moods. Tune in now.


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Brazilian psychrockers Firefriend release ‘Fantasma’

The Brazilian band Firefriend is atrio from São Paulo that makes psychedelic rock mixed with shoegaze and cosmic vibes. The have released some gorgeous trippy music in the past and I am happy to present you their latest release ‘Fantasma’. The Album is out since November 26. While you listen to their new music take a bit of time to read the interview  Kevin did with the band too!



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Love in Elevator

The album ‘Lies To Stars’ was released in earlier this year in April. It is the first time for me I heard of this band but it seems they have been around for quite some time. The band formed in 2004 in Venice, Italy and they make a mix of psych, shoegaze and good noisey rock. They recorded three albums one EP and one 45rpm. They have opened for bands like Mudhoney (USA), Meat Puppets (USA), Shellac (USA). So, I am very pleased to have learned of the existence of Love in Elevator because they make gorgeous tunes. The band succeeds in making real strong and noisy psych and at the same time they have that dreamy, shoegaze vibe. Good stuff, yes, good stuff.


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Black Doldrums return with new music

This UK psych duo Black Doldrums is back with new music. They released a new track called ‘She Divine’ from their upcoming EP wich will be released August 23rd via Club AC30.

Tune in for some psychedelic fuzz now and check out their previous stuff while you are here too.



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Tune in for some trippy tunes on the new Firefriend

The Brazilian band Firefriend is close to the release date of their new album ‘Avalanche’. The trio from São Paulo makes psychedelic rock mixed with shoegaze and cosmic vibes. On their upcoming album we can listen to 4 already released tracks and they are very good. The tracks are dreamy but possess some kind of eerie vibe, some kind of darkness in them too.

We can Expect ‘Avalanche’ to land on August 16 through Littel Cloud Records. While you listen to their new music take a bit of time to read the interview  Kevin did with the band too!



Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, buiten

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The Telescopes release first track from upcoming album

The Telescopes are now on route to release their 11th studio album. The album is going to be called “Exploding Head Syndrome” and will be released February 1 on Tapeterecords.

Their first brooding shoegaze/psych track is released and called “Until The End”. The track is accompanied by a psychedelic video. Check them out now.


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Black Doldrums release their new EP “Sad Paradise”

This UK psych duo brings you psychedelic fuzz of the best quality. Their new EP has a layered sound with equal parts psych and shoegaze, making it a strong and dreamy.

One of the bands you need to have in your collection. play some Black Doldrums, it will clear your mind and send it across different planes.

Out on Club AC30.


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Dreamy psych/Shoegaze Firefriend

On July 13th Brazilian psych/shoegazers Firefriend released their new album ‘Yellow Spider’. The São Paulo rockers create a magical ambience between the soft vocals of Julia and the psychedelic guitar of Yuri. This is a must hear for all the dreamers out there.
Check out the interview with Firefriend by Kevin.
Experience these 7 cosmic tracks for yourself and enjoy.


foto van Firefriend.



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How a love of music turned into an interview with a band from Brazil

Manchester.London.New York.Berlin. All cities that we associate with having rich and varied musical histories and influences. They are all cultural melting pots of cities that have spawned some of the greatest bands of all time. As a lover of the kind of music that is never going to be called mainstream, I stumbled across a band going by the name of Firefriend. As I listened to their music, I heard the typical influences, the likes of Joy Division, The Sex Pistols,Velvet Undergound & The Jesus And Mary Chain. Nothing out of the ordinary there, I thought. Great band, cool sounds. I became a little more interested, as you do, and found the band hailed from São Paulo, Brazil of all places. This is where my mind struggled somewhat.

Brazil. I ask anyone to give me an image of the country and it will be Copacabana beach, the Amazon, the 1970 World Cup team(best team ever to take to a football pitch!), the Samba or Christ The Redeamer. Even the Favelas. Not a brand of shoegaze psych that sounds like it came from a disused factory in the North of England, or an abondoned building in Berlin. I wanted to know more.

So instead of taking the easy option and asking Google, I took the time to ask the band themselves. Don’t ask me why, I’m no jounalist or writer, but I felt compelled to learn more about the Northern British sounding band from São Paulo, Brazil.

So, in the words of Yury & Julia of Firefriend, I’ll let them tell the story of how the band came to be.

I asked how the band came about, and what influenced them, all the way over in Brazil.

Yury: My parents were hippies here in São Paulo back in the 70’s, I grew up immersed in the heady scents of incense & weed,  listening to Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Beatles and Led Zeppelin a lot, since year zero. Then a friend of mine went to London in the 80’s and brought back albums from the likes of Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Jesus And Mary Chain and those records blew my mind. All these sounds combined were groundbreaking and definitely mind-bending, for kids in all corners of the world — those records were like messages from another galaxy to me. It’s fascinating how they make you see reality through another prism.  I bought my first guitar just after I got my hands on a mixtape of The Velvet Underground & Nico. That changed my life forever. I bet this is the history of thousands of teenagers living elsewhere on this planet. We start recognizing each other and suddenly we are at someone’s house jamming pretty loud and talking about shows and bands and then there’s an underground scene going on, first with xerox zines and then websites documenting the pulse of our musical community. It was like that back then as it’s still like that today. There are hundreds of bands messing around here.

Julia: Music has been part of my life since I was a kid, I have always needed music to deal with my life. I enjoy the energy of rock’n’roll and always looked for sounds that make my mind travel. This could come from any genre/style, it depends only on how you feel at that particular moment, how open you are to the sounds.

So, how does this translate into European tours and success in the USA & Australia? Not even Yury is sure.

Yury: Surprisingly, it was easier to get noticed & heard outside of Brazil. All reviews and interviews we got after our last album come from Europe, the United States and even Australia.  Now there must be a lot of reasons for that, but I’m not sure why, yet. We’ll play in the UK, France, Denmark, and Germany in September, let’s see if we’re going to learn why it’s happening this way!

Pretty sure the reason their music has spread across the Continents is because, great music is great music. Wherever it comes from!

I asked about the latest Firefriend album Sulfur, the bands 9th physical release and how the band maintain their motivation and fresh sounds.

Julia: I love to try new ideas, experimentation is an endless joy. Sometimes it feels like I’m entering new territories using new gear, new effects, it opens our sensibilities to new textures and melodies. That’s my way to keep doing new things.

Yury: Noise and melodies, if you push them out of the genre’s tradition and into the contemporary landscape, you gotta a really enticing monster to behold. That’s an adventure we dig, it helps us feel alive, it helps us build connections with people from every corner, it’s a dialogue that helps us to learn more about who we are. Every piece we read, watch, hear, every person we meet, there are multiple sources of meaning spinning in this astonishing swirl  — give them a structure, a shape, and then you have something which you can stand on.

A more personal question I put to the band was the reasons behind making music and why they feel compelled to make it.

Yury: I need music to fill out the void of existence — the 21st century’s so mad. Truth is dead, god is dead, war is everywhere. Industrial trash is everywhere, in the sea, the air, our food and the natural world. Advertising keeps confusing everybody with its fake smiles — music is where one can breathe at last. So I need music to live here on this planet.  We all need art, life is more than debts and TV shows. Art & music change our minds and cells and suddenly we are there answering with more music, our music, to feed that fire, to keep it burning.

Julia: It’s a release — and being able to make the kind of music you want to hear, that makes me happy!

Back to the reason I got intrigued by the band in the 1st place, Julia & Yury give me their feelings on the album Sulfur.

Julia: Close your eyes and let it take you somewhere else.
Yury:  It tastes like the 21st century —  Visceral & dark.

Here’s the latest song to be crafted by Firefriend, ‘Surface To Air’ Available from the 27th July fom the bands Bandcamp site

I would like to thank Yury & Julia for taking the time out to give me a brief insight into the band, and how a shoegaze/psych band came about in São Paulo, Brazil. Many thanks to Yury’s friend for buying the records and taking them all the way back to São Paulo.

Thanks for reading. If like I did, you want to find out more, head over to the bands Website or you can also buy their records from Fuzz Club Records in the UK & EU, Little Cloud Records in the USA.


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VSTRS release Pink Floyd cover of Astronomy Domine

The Detroit psych rocker VSTRS released their second LP ‘Pandemonium  Seesaw’ last November. With ‘Pandemonium Seesaw’ they created a beautifull hazy psychedelic album with shoegaze influences. now they have released The Pink Floyd cover ‘Astronomy Domine’.


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The Pink Elephants are sending you to different planes

Based out of Ottawa Canada/Athens Greece is the dreamy band The Pink Elephants. Sit, relax and enjoy the crackling psychgaze on the album “Temples in the Sky”. When the music stops and you wake up from your daydream, just browse their bandcamp page and enjoy all the rest of their music.
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Psych Band Holy Monitor got a lot going on new album

The album, wich is also called Holy Monitor, got a lot of divers tracks. the slow synth tracks blend wel together with the hazy psychedelics on Holy Monitor. Fuzzysun suggest that you sit down on a hazy afternoon, pick yourself a nice bevarage and let your mind enjoy this fine album.
Fuzzysun’s Favorite track: Cacti
released February 17, 2017



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Raw and Fuzzy experimental Shoegaze project Sunset Images

Obscure Daze is a powerfull dark album full of distortion. the theme may be shoegaze but it has a lot of different influences. Next to the dreamy noisy tracks there are some heavy, fast drum infused tracks. the different layers of bass, noise and drums blend perfectly together. the eerie voice on top makes for a very good album.
The EP wil launch April 7, 2017. Listen to the track Death on bandcamp.