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Holy Scum release ‘Fuck’

Holy Scum is canalizing their anger into their music and the result is pretty damn cool. The band featuring members of Gnod, Schoolhouse, Shuck and vocals from Lauren Bolger from Locean has released an EP called ‘KILL’ a while ago and new they are back with a new EP called ‘Fuck’ wich is filled with trippy experimental noise, guitarsounds and general angryness. Yes, it is very great and yes, you should listen to it, and yes I mean now.

new music

Holy Scum release ‘Kill’

I love the energy of Gnod, they are one of my favourite bands and so I always check all their offshoots and other project and stuff by members and now I came across this band called Holy Scum with members of Gnod, Schoolhouse, Shuck and vocals from Lauren Bolger from Locean. Absolutely awesome stuff. Intens, noisy and full of aggression.

new music


You probably noticed I only used capital letters in the headline. This is because I am very excited for this new release and I am triple excited because I can premiere three tracks from three different bands from this compilation. One could say I am excited pretty fast, wich is is true, but I have reason to be so excited! The first Human Worth compilation was released May One this year and I called it the best Compilation of the year and it seems it is now tied with Vol 2.. I am getting excited just by typing this! All these amazing bands! Check out the first compilation here.

Human Worth is a charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases.The label began as a series of fundraiser nights across the UK, bringing together an array of artists all in aid of charity. (I just copied this from their bandcamp because I can’t say it better).

The first compilation featured 20 artists and raised money for The Bail Project. And now Human Worth will release Vol.2 with again 20 artists (AJA, Klämp , Blóm, Shuck, Sly & The Family Drone, We Wild Blood, Modern Technology, Mummise Guns, Bismuth & Vile Creature,USA Nails, Algernon Cornelius, Ballpeen, Vile Sect, Working Men’s Club, Eurosuite , OZO, Lovely Wife, No Music, Warren Schoenbright, Left Hand Cuts Off the Right)

On the Human Worth label we will also get the new album by Modern Technology (who will premiere a new track on your favorite site Fuzzy Sun like right now). The proceeds will go to The Trussell Trust to help support their nationwide network of food banks, and Black Minds Matter to help provide mental health support to black individuals and families.

Now VOL. 2 will be released this friday (when bandcamp waives their fees again) and all proceeds this time are going to Harmless (To provide support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals). So I will share the full compilation on friday again so you will not forget! But now I will share with immense pleasure the three premieres!

Modern Technology


This London two piece make so much noise it is almost impossible to believe that it is only two of them. They have already released two tracks from their upcoming album ‘Service Provider’ wich are really good, but maybe it is because I am getting excited again or because I can premiere it but this is by far the best track they released. The track ‘Gate Crasher’ is immensly heavy, filled with a gorgeous heavy riff and vocals. ‘Service Provider’ is going to be special, I can just feel it. It will be released on September four on Cruel nature Records and the Human Worth label ofcourse.



Shuck is this trio from Manchester that makes the most amazing noisy fuzz punk. It is a little diffcult to pin this band down to a genre but what I know for sure is that they are really heavy and original. They released their first EP ‘Shuck’ in 2018 on Hominid Sounds and stayed with the label for their latest (wich is rteally great and catchy) release ‘Petrichor and Rainbows’ wich was released June 5. So now we get a new track already! It is a live recording of the track ‘Sarah Conner’ and with the track they showcase their ferocious energy! Tune in and be blown away by Shuck!



Ballpeen is a trio that played in bands like Tide of Iron, Jinn, Grace, Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon, OZO, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind and many more. But hey, that does not mean a lot,wbut what does is the music they make, and they make really awesome energetic hardcore punk. They just released their split with Onlooker  and have released their full album ‘Pachinko’ in June on Cruel Nature Records. This is a lot of awesome music in a short time! And now they make 2020 even better they have given a demo track (wich does not sound demo at all) for thsi amazing comp. The track is called (Hate Fantasies’ and it so much energy you can probably power your electric car with it.




new music

Shuck release Petrichor and Rainbows on Hominid

Shuck is a trio from England formed in 2018 by Al Wilson (Ghold) and Jon Perry (Gnod), soon joined by Guitarist Andi Jackson. They shared their Ep ‘Wunder’ a while ago on Hominid too. Now they are back with a full album called ‘Petrichor and Rainbows’ wich is a gorgeous piece of fuzz. Some tracks are devastingly heavy and fast, other have slow riffs and border on doom. Sometimes noiserock or punk or doom but Shuck is always full of fuzz. Tune in now and buy the record.





new music

Hominid Sounds shares new Shuck track, A special promo on May 1 on Bandcamp and a repress of Sly and the Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals

Pretty big title their in the header but it is supposed to get your attention. This post is about Hominid and Shuck, about promos, awesome music and label stuff.

On May 1st, as Bandcamp are waiving their fees for the day, Hominid will be donating 10% of every sale to our local Hackney Food Bank. There will be some special discounts on old stock throughout the day, and some new things as well!

Now we get the second track by from The Manchester fuzzpunk trio SHUCK. They released their track ‘Blue Moon’ already and now we get the song ‘Animals’. The album will be released in June 2020 and will be for pre-order May 1st.
a repress of the Sly and the Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals collaboration album ‘Molar Wrench’ on a special Red Wine colour vinyl that was intended to be a Roadburn Festival exclusive, but of course sadly the festival was postponed.





new music


The Hominid Sounds label started 2020 really nice with bands like Bruxa Maria, Casual Nun, Liquid Shit and stuff! Now we get the new track from The Manchester fuzzpunk trio SHUCK. The trio is Jon Perry (drummer of GNOD, Lake Of Snakes) and Al Wilson (bassist/vocals of GHOLD) and Andi Jackson (who is probably playing in bands too) . Check out the new track “Blue Moon” now wich is catchy and extremely catchy. (And while you are here, listen their previous EP “Wunder” too).

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videos by The Limananas, Sleep, Devil Master, Mysterious Clouds, SHUCK and Drugdealer


A new video by The Limiñanas for the track Trois Bancs

A fan made video for Marijuanaut’s Theme by SLEEP

cobwebs and corpsepaint on the new video by Devil Master.

Psychedelic rockers Mysterious Clouds form Kansas with a track from the  Lunar Duel EP via Kosmic City records.

The Heavy punkers SHUCK released the WUNDER EP on Hominid Sounds and now we get a video from the track “ALIENS”. Tune in.

Drugdealer is back for a new album ‘Raw Honey’ in April, check out the vid for ‘Fools’.

new music

SHUCK release their new EP “WUNDER”

The Manchester punk duo SHUCK released their new EP “Wunder” on Honinid Sounds. The duo creates a noisy punk vibe.

Shuck has a unique sounds, the tracks are gritty and loud but still full of hooks and catchy tunes. Both artists have some history in the scene, Jon Perry (drummer of GNOD, Lake Of Snakes) and Al Wilson (bassist/vocals of GHOLD).

Again a great release on the underground label. Check them out and buy their EP.

Favorite track: I Dream of Sarah Conner

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