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Skyjelly / Solilians split

On I Heart Noise we get the new split getween Boston bands Skyjelly and Solilians. The Boston Band Skyjelly I know of and has released some great stuff espescially their latest “We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers”.  Their are three tracks on this split coming from Skyjelly and the first one is up for a listen. “Seeing It” is a mellow psych song wich feels hazy and trippy.

Solilians are new band for me and so the first released track on this split is the first song I heard from the band. “There is No Michigan” is slow, brooding hazy track with vocals that seem to magically blend in to the track.

It seems like this two bands are made for each other. Each possessing a hazy like quality, almost a dream.

The split “In the Running 1” will be released March 14 on IHN.

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new music

Skyjellly release first two tracks from upcoming album

Skyjelly has been on Fuzzy Sun a couple of times. The Boston band has always had something special something dreamy in their music. So it is great to hear they are releasing new music. Skyjelly has been releasing great music on Eggs In Aspic adn Doomtrip and now the album will be released on IHN (I Heart Noise).

‘We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers’ will be released May 15.

The two released tracks are instant winners, ‘Hello My Friend’ is a dreamy psychpop gem and ‘Terra Nostra’ is tribal psychedelia and a cosmic trip.

This will be one interesting album!

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