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Psychedelic stonerdoom Somnus Throne

This is some really nice shit, Somnus Throne gives instant joy with their very heavy riffs and you get that Sleep vibe yet Somnus Throne is faster. The tracks are about ten minutes each and do not get boring at all, vocals are excellent and give it a psychedelic feeling. The sound of the album is magnificent, everything fits perfectly.

It has been a while since I enjoyed new stonerdoom as much as this. The trio from all over America released this new self titled album on Burning World Records on September 24 and is a must have for every fan of stoner, doom, sludge and heavy psych. A real banger.

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videos by The Limananas, Sleep, Devil Master, Mysterious Clouds, SHUCK and Drugdealer


A new video by The Limiñanas for the track Trois Bancs

A fan made video for Marijuanaut’s Theme by SLEEP

cobwebs and corpsepaint on the new video by Devil Master.

Psychedelic rockers Mysterious Clouds form Kansas with a track from the  Lunar Duel EP via Kosmic City records.

The Heavy punkers SHUCK released the WUNDER EP on Hominid Sounds and now we get a video from the track “ALIENS”. Tune in.

Drugdealer is back for a new album ‘Raw Honey’ in April, check out the vid for ‘Fools’.

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Yatra released “Death Ritual”

The Maryland sonter/doom band Yatra released their new album “Death Ritual” January fourth on Grimoire Records.

Slow brooding doom riffs for fans of sleep. The three piece starts 2019 heavy and dark.

Favorite track: Smoke is Rising

FInd them and more on Fuzzy Sun’s heavy list

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen, boom, buiten en natuur


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The Melvins and Al Cisneros of Sleep cover Black Sabbath

The Melvins and Al Cisneros of Sleep announces a 10″ called Sabbath.  This collaboration from hell released their first cover from Black Sabbath. The cover they chose is ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’. Check out the slowed down heavy version of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”!
Out on Amphetamine Reptile Records.
Check out more heaviness or psychedelic goodies on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify

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Sleep share 17 minute new track

The legendary stoner/doom band SLEEP released after more than a decade their new album The Sciences.
But it doesn’t stop at that, the band just released a new track called ‘Leagues Beneath’ for the Adult Swim single series. They did this back in 2014 with the song ‘The Clarity’ too.

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