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Sons of Zöku share first track from upcoming album

The Adelaide psychedelic band Sons of Zöku have grown as a band (in bandmembers as in sound) and they present us their new single ‘Sacred’ that is taken from the upcoming debut album. The band makes oriental tinged psychedelia. Check them out now.  You can find them and much more on “The Australian List“.

new music

SONS OF ZÖKU share two new psych tracks

The Adelaide psychedelic band Sons of Zöku are a trio and have been making some pretty nice tunes. Over the years they have become even more psychedelic, their sometimes heavy fuzz sound has made way for some very trippy tunes. Check out their two new tunes “Luz // Paralysed”. You can find them and much more on “The Australian List“.

new music

Music Dump #14 with new track from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Psychic Lemon, Routine Death and many more

I can not keep up with all these good new releases, there are just too many. so instead of ignoring them i dump them all in these list. enjoy part 14.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

The Autsralian band that keeps on giving fast paced psych. This time a new track called ‘Mundungus’.

Psychic Lemon

After the great ‘Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay’ and the live album the UK comic crusaders Psychic lemon return with a new song. ‘White Light’ is pure psychedelic energy.

Sons of Zöku

The Australian band Sons of Zöku makes breezy psychedelic rock with sitar and flute and stuff like that. Cool instruments for cool music! tune in for their latest track ‘Dead Poets’. You can find them on the Australian List too.

Routine Death

The band released their first new track ‘Tubeway Revolution’ from their upcoming album ‘2 Weeks To 4 Months’ wich will be released on Fuzz Club Records on October 19. Tune in for same dreamy fuzz.


The Italian band Indianizer has been on Fuzzy Sun a couple of times. Their mix of tropical music and psychedelic tunes keeps intriguing me. Tune in for their new track ‘Sin Cleopatra’

Magic Shoppe

Boston psych rockers Magic Shoppe released a fuzzed out new track called ‘Candy Flip’. Tune in for some psychedelic vibes.

White Ashes

Tune in to hear some trippy Detroit psych sounds. Listen now to the new EP ‘The Greater Fool’ by White Ashes.

Magdalena’s Brown Bag

Mellow vintage tunes from Magdalena’s Brown Bag. Listen to the new EP with that same name.

Hey Bulldog

Manchester garage/psych rockers Hey Bulldog are back with their energetic heavy rock. The EP “Death And Greet” was released the 4th of October and is loud and goddman catchy.

Ohio Mark

The Belgian band Ohio Mark released their new album ‘Exotism’ on September 27 through Sentimental. The Antwerp band made a powerfull album filled with post-punk and post-rock madness.

The Shattered Mind Machine

The first track ‘Deus Vult’ from the Swiss rockers The Shattered Mind machine is out. The track is taken from their upcoming album ‘Gourrama’.


new music

The Australian list

Lots of people hate lists, i am not one of those people. i always loved lists, you can find new music fast, bands you never heard of.  They are all cozy in one place so it is easy and you don’t have to search the complete internet or ask your cool hipster buddies what is good these days. Now you can be that hipster yourself. yay

so be ready to ask your friends next time you see them if they know anything about the Australian scene. They will shuffle uneasily in their chair then find confidence again and say: “well King Gizard and The Lizard Wizard is awesome”. Then you can say, well duh and make some flippant noise with your lips.

If you find yourself in company of extreme nerds you can educate yourself fast in the Japanese or Belgian lists. If they know about this too then you find yourself among fans of Fuzzy Sun and great company ofcourse.

Now, we will ofcourse begin with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard because the band is not only fantastic live but spews out great music faster then you can tell your friends about it.

I will, ofcourse, add bands and keep this list updated. For more psych check out Fuzzy Sun’s List.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


Most of you now and adore King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. The band formed in 2010 in Melbourne and have put out 13! studio albums. In 2017 they released 5 albums in that same year and each of them is diverse and wonderful. tune in.

Deaf Wish


With a wink to sonic youth the Australien post-punk/noiserock band Deaf Wish released “Lithium Zion” this year wich is their Fifth studio album.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets


Well yes, the band with the best name (except maybe for Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard)  is alive and kicking. recently they released their 7 “inch “Social Candy” and already new music surfaced. A suberb psych band that you need to follow.

Pseudo mind Hive


This band delivers heavy fuzz with some psychedelia mixed in. The heavy psych rockers released a new album this year called “From Elsewhere”.

Sons Of Zoku


My list has only just begun and i am starting to think i may have made a mistake. Australia has a massive amount of high quality fuzz/psych/noise stuff and this will be a big job. So let’s go on,  Sons of Zöku from Adelaide has also released new music. A 5 track Ep called ‘Can Dead Dance’. Get to know them.

Buried Feather


Another band from Melbourne, The psych band Buried Feather released their latest album “Mind of the Swarm” in 2017.



Dead is pretty difficult to find on the internet, it seems Dead is a pretty popular word and somewhere in between all the mush from the internet you can find the real Dead. The duo does not only make hardened sludge/punk/stoner i don’t know what, they are the WeEmptyRooms label to where you can find some more goodies. Play now, play loud.

Mt. Mountain


Perth psychedelic rockers Mt. Mountain are a magnificent band. These guys are experts in creating an atmosphere that fits perfectly with their desert psych sound. They will release their new album “Golden Rise” on November 30. Enjoy

Velvet Elevator


Cardinal Fuzz introduces the European edition of the Australian band Velvet Elevator. Seven tracks of heavy psych and garage sounds. The album “Prinicpium” is available since November 2.



Another one of the rising psychedelic rock talents is ORB from Geelong. With their new released album “The Space Between” this year they aren’t exactly new, but they are rising and if you listen you will understand why. a talented band.

apollo 80


“Lizard! Lizard! Lizard!” is heavy psychedelic space rock by the Australian ban Apollo 80. Four tracks of fuzzed out space riffs and Astronaut samples. Space away with Apollo 80. Released July 11.



Sydney’s own doom/stoner trio Potion . Distorted vocals, heavy riffs, slow crushing doom, what else do you want!



This band has the ability to evoke space through sound. the trio from Sydney plays heavy psych riffs and spacerock like their own lives depend on it. The latest release is a split with Blown/Out.

Night Goat


Wollongong occult doom with a bluesy side. Night Goat’s Chicken Ep and Egg Ep are worth your time.

The Love Junkies

the love

Pretty awesome this, noisy grunge/punk by the Perth band The Love Junkies.



Pond makes psychedelic rock/pop of great quality, deeply layered music and crafted with love.

The Dunes


Super fuzzy psych by the Adelaide band The Dunes. They released their ST in october!

Baked Beans


The Melbourne/Geelong band recently signed to Flightless records and is some damn good discovery. uplifting psych tunes from a band i hope to hear a lot from in the future. tune in now.

Nice Biscuit


Feel good Brisbane psychpop band  Nice Biscuit. buy there album here.

Fight Ibis


This band from Brisbane is a psych/surf/funk mix. Fight Ibis is pure fun and original songwriting. tune in now



Melbourne heavy psych three piece Cosmos released their new album in April, 2018. The trio mixes heavy psych and blues.

Space Carbonara


From the Central Coast in Australia comes the psychedelic band Space Carbonara. “Dolphin Man Returns” is the first full LP by the band and was released December 26.

The Black Heart Death Cult

The Melbourne psychedelic quintet just released their debut LP. A gorgeous album filled with sitar, Mellotron flutes and other psych stuff. check them out!

Frozen Planet….1969

The Sydney/Canberra instrumental psych band Frozen Planet….1969 released their latest album “The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition” in November last year. A gorgeous album filled with cosmic vibes and solos. To make it even better they have given us an unreleased track called “The Mystery Wheel. Listen now.


Pretty epic stuff from Sydney here, this band is influenced by Middle Eastern/North African blues and mixes psych/folk and prog. Their new S/T album is out since January 7!


A bit on the heavier side of the spectrum but very awesome. here is ZONG, the Brisbane heavy/psych doom band.

The Babe Rainbow

Byron Bay psychedelic pop. Tunes filled with psychedelic vibes and happiness. Listen now.

Image result for the babe rainbow

Tropical Fuck Storm


The newborn Australian band with members of The Drones, High Tension, Mod Con and Harmony.


Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

Some really good cosmic psych by the Melbourne band Khan.  Did you listen to it yet? did you? DID YOU???



Check out the debut video from Mebourne’s Badgers fronted by vocalist/guitarist Michael Badger – producer/mixer who has worked with the likes of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Amyl & The Sniffers, You Am I, SONS (Belgium) and more – .



It’s time to get acquainted with Melbourne’s CIVIC if you aren’t already. Flightless Records has been active recently with their band signings and continue with the Melbourne 5-piece. They are well known for their loud n sweaty performances in the up close and intimate venues in Australia.


The Austrialian trio Clamm is from Melbourne and makes very straight in your face heavy guitar music. ‘Keystone Pols’ from their rerelease is out for a listen and is furious, very loud and this is an album that will feel really at home in your record collection. I put Clamm in my ‘Australian List’ for obvious reasons.