Spanish punk Tensö

There cannot be enough punk on this website and the Spanish band Tensö delivers some really awesome fast paced punk on their demo. I am sure we will here more of them soon. Out on Polzo De La Mort.



Spanish noiserockers Habitar la Mar

First time hearing of this band and I am instantly blown of my socks and I was barefoot. This band is from Jaen, wich is also the first time I heard of it. So everything is pretty new for me but one thing is for sure, this band rules. Their latest album is named ‘Comedia Yoica’ andwas released February 2. Expect loud riffs, noiserock, hardcore and punk. This is wild.


new music

Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead

The Spanish band Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead have released their self titled album September 12. The 5 track album is a hazy voyage into the cosmic.
Motorik space tunes for all your travels into the cosmos. Check out more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, staan