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Mexican band Sunset Images share new music

This is one of the first bands I shared on Fuzzy Sun when I started the website. This Mexican band creates extremely fuzzy psych combined with a wall of noise. The music is very dense and heavy and still evokes a dreamlike vibe in their music. Their previous album is called “Obscure Daze” and dates back to 2017. So I am verry happy to introduce you the new single by Sunset Images wich is called “Centro de la Ciudad”, a magnificent piece of psychedelic noise.

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new music

Raw and Fuzzy experimental Shoegaze project Sunset Images

Obscure Daze is a powerfull dark album full of distortion. the theme may be shoegaze but it has a lot of different influences. Next to the dreamy noisy tracks there are some heavy, fast drum infused tracks. the different layers of bass, noise and drums blend perfectly together. the eerie voice on top makes for a very good album.
The EP wil launch April 7, 2017. Listen to the track Death on bandcamp.