The Caterwaul Society: Songs for Rainer Fronz

A benefit to help defray the costs of one Rainer Fronz of Learning Curve Records, who just had a heart stent surgery and has a family to support while he recuperates. A tribute and some support from his OTHER family, the bands, musicians and humans of the Caterwaul Society.

I am not going to manually tell you wich bands I like or are good and stuff because almost all bands have been featured on Fuzzy Sun because they rule.

Tune in and buy the DC or digital album. You can do some good and have some really awesome music at the same time.


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Learning Curve Records release Quarantimes Vol 2 Benefit for dosomething​.​org

Another hell of a compilation. The first compilation was one  that benifitted the NIVA (National Indenpendant Venue Association) and now we get a second comp wich is a benefit for dosomething​.​org. Again filled with great artist such as USA NAILS, Chat Pile, Trigger Cut and many more.

Stuff you really want and need to hear, be a good human and buy it.



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Learning Curve Records release Quarentimes Vol 1 NIVA Benefit

Well hello, this is one hell of a compilation. A compilation that benifits the NIVA (National Indenpendant Venue Association). Learning Curve has released this and it is filled with the most cool bands, some wich are new for me and some I really like and have been Fuzzy Sun. Really happy to see Moon Pussy, Conan Neutron, Superthief and Grizzlor on there.  Tune in for some really awesome stuff.



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Hot Rock Action 2020

Reptilian Records is releasing pretty freaking awesome stuff lately, we got a new Chief Tail record and a Hoaries/Beige Eagle Boys split and faster then Covid-19 can spread we get a new split, this time a four-way split wich are the best splits if we are being honest. On this great thingy we new tracks from Bulls, Hoaries, Sinking Suns, and Super Thief. Each band as awesome as the next this fourway is going to rule. Follow this Label, Follow these bands, follow me, follow you, follow whoever you want but buy this split here. Listen, it is so loud and cool.





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Texas noiserockers Super Thief

After their 2017 album “Stuck” Texas noiserockers Super Thief are back with a new album called “Eating Alone in my Car”.
Super Thief delivers crushing noiserock with their new album. The album ends with my favorite track: “you play it like a joke but i know you really mean it”. In this track they show what they can do, focused and acurate and yet so loud and chaotic.
Buy this shit through Learning Curve Records and check out more noise on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, op podium en een muziekinstrument bespelen