Ben Shemie (Suuns) shares two tracks from upcoming album

Always been a big fan of Suuns. The band has a very psychedelic sound and Ben Shemie’s solo project has that same quality. His previous album ‘A Skeleton’ was a great debut and I am very pleased to share new music from his upcoming album ‘A single Point of Light’ wich will be released Junu 12. His first two tracks have a very gloomy and psychedelic sound, sometimes it even has a holy quality to it. Tune in and listen now.


new music

A Skeleton by Ben Shemie

Today I wanted to share with you is the solo work of Ben Shemie (Suuns). I was very much looking forward to this, not really sure what to expect. Their is a lot in common between his solo work and that of Suuns wich is a good thing.

There is that experimental psychedelic vibe that makes his music unique and full of feeling.

‘A Skeleton’ is a magical crafted work thats full of feels and surprises. Released February 15 on Hands In The Dark.

Check him out now and find him and more on Fuzzy Sun’s List.



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