Scalping release ‘Flood’

This is really hard to pin down, Bristol band Scalping makes something between techno and noiserock. But what I can say for certain is that the sound is intense, heavy and in your face. With ‘Flood ‘ they pushed the bounderies of genres and are one of the few bands in making it work.


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‘Alien 3’ by Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is slowly creeping up as one of my new favourite band. They have their fourth track out and it is again something that really resonates with me. For me Gary, Indiana makes very original music and they do what they please, they mix up post punk and noise and electronic music and whatever. This time they made a track called ‘Alien 3’ and is their most electronic track so far but good lord it rules. Check them out.


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Gary, Indiana release third track ‘Nike of Samothrace’

Gary, Indiana is a band that has only three tracks out yet but makes very original music, the duo from Manchester throws all kinda genres in their music and create their own sound and it fits all really good. And I am really glad to see that the third track is again a very good one. Very awesome bass lines and again cool vocals of Valentine. This is a very promising band and I really need more than these three track. Listen!


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Enough Shit and Shine to keep everyone happy

Okay, so there is a lot of stuff that really sucks this year and it seems a lot of it will keep on sucking but one thing that is pretty damn cool that is the constant stream of releases, re-releases, digital long lost releases and what else from Texas noisemakers Shit and Shine, the band that feels at home in extreme sludgy noiserock as acid techno beaty stuff.

I have shared already a couple of re-releases and lost stuff and now their are again three released.  This release ‘Good White Good Green’, was released in 2016 on HEATED HEADS label from Glasgow.

Another release is ‘KUSS MICH MEINE LIEBE’ released in 2008 on the fabulous LOAD RECORDS as a double lp.now available digital.

Another long lost super limited sold out vinyl only release 12″ from 2013 again from the mysterious gangsigns label based out of south london. only 300 copies of this WTF -weirdo-masterpiece were released and they were snapped up immediately. ‘FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE START BEING POLITE FOR A FUCKING CHANGE’

And this one for now is the digital version of bass puppy 12″ from 2010 released on the kick ass BADMASTER RECORDS out of Philly(home of the cheese steak).

‘JREAM BABY JREAM’ was released in 2012 on Riot Season and is another classic Shit and SHine.

Tune in for again some experimental tunes and if you don’t whant to search te internet you can click on this underlined words and you will find more shit and shine. ‘Ladybird’ ‘Scenic FarmDoing Drugs, Selling Drugs“”No No No“.


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Shit and Shine everywhere

Releasing music faster then I can take a shit or Stephen King can release a book you have Shit and Shine, the Texas band that release noiserock, drone, electronics as a duo apart or together apart or something. Recently released ‘Scenic Farm‘, less recently ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs” and “No No No“. Now they rereleased their Ladybird session digitally wich was released originally  2004 with 2 basses,a snare drum,a huge cardboard box and a tiny toy casio sa-1 keyboard. Enjoy some Shit and Shine.


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Experimental second track by promising new band Gary, Indiana

I have told you a couple of times know that i am really in this experimental music, escpecially this experimental noiserock where the just push the bounderies of the genre, mixing it up with electronics, industrial, samples, psych and whatever. Gary, Indiana is such a band and a new band too, they are a duo from the UK and they already released their first track “Berlin” wich you can listen to here but now it is about their secodn released track called “Pashto” and this this does the trick for me. This I really like, switchen between industrial noiserock to uplifting electronic beats with some good vocals makes “Pashto” a very good track and makes this Gary, Indiana a very promising band for me. I really hope to hear a lot of stuff in the future from this duo.



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Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is from Manchester in the UK. The duo makes experimental noiserock with electronic influences and this is the stuff I love. I really really love it when bands experiment with noiserock and techno and Gary, Indiana does this with a really cool twist. Their first track is called “Berlin” and is a great start from a new band. I had the luck of hearing the next single wich will be released soon and it only gets better. So tune in and check them out now.



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Sightless Pit (The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell ) release “Grave of a Dog”

Today is the release of “Grave of a Dog”, the album by Sightless Pit, the band with members of The Body, Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell. I am very excited fot this release because of the originality on this record. The band seems to incorporate a whole lot of influences in their music, you can hear industrial and techno as well as classical and metal influences. The really awesome part of all this, is that it is actuallly very listenable! I would have expected this to be a very harsh album, a very difficult one but it is not.  Although they use extreme voice sampling stuff and lots of noise it is still a very accessible and varied album with lots of layers.  I strongly advise this album to anyone who likes their music a bit heavier and loves something new. Out February 21 on Thrill Jockey.




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Sightless Pit (The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell ) release two new tracks

Goddamn, this is one of the surprises of the year for me. After going wild of excitement of hearing about the forming of Wasted Shirt ( Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt) and Human Impact (Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans) I heard of the forming of Sightless Pit wich is made of members from The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell. They shared their first impressive track “Kingscorpse” a while ago and I knew this was going to be one of the releases of the year. The band has shared two new tracks today. One is called “The Ocean of Mercy” and is extrememly epic and bleak. The second song is “Drunk on Marrow” and is bleak industrial techno and experimental metal. “Drunk on Marrow” is a victory in experimental music and the succes of beautiful combinations of different genres.

Their new album will be released this friday on Thrill Jockey. This beast is called “Grave of A Dog”.




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French experimental weirdness Igorrr is back

I shared Igorrr a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun wich is maybe a bit atypical but I just love the band.The combination of metal, drum and bass, opera, strange folk and you know whatever just brings me joy. Every time they come with something different and each times for some strange reason it works. “Savage Sinusoid” was released in 2017 and was like french circusmusic mixed with black and death metal. This time its hard to tell what the full album will bring because it is only one track yet. The track “Very Noise” is a combi of electronics and heavy riffs and trippy basslines. The track is taken from the album “Spirituality and Distortion” wich will be released March 27.


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Electronic Sunday Part II

I am still going to share electronics here on my noise and psych blog because I like it and because I can. So today I wanted to share the Chicago artist Hieroglyphic Being with the album he shared on December 30, 2019 called “The Strenuous Life”. Tune in for some catchy techno beats.


I also wanted to share ELLLL because I heard the track “Pepsi” from her EP ” Confectionary” in February last year, I know it is a bit older but I am still new to most of this music and I thought it too awesome not to share. There are only three track but the good news is there is another EP that was released in December called “Polarbergs”. Both are out on Glacial Industries.


Another addition to my Electronic Sunday is Wrangler wich has a dark and eerie Synth/techno vibe. “A Situation” is going to be out 28/02/2020 via Bella Union.


And finally we get the new track by Electronic artist Jlin. Her new track ‘I Hate Being an Adult’ was released through Adult Swim’s 2019-2020 Single Series.




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The Body, Lingua Ignota, and Full of Hell members form Sightless Pit

Well this is a supergroup! A trio all with an eclectic music taste thrown together in a band called Sightless Pit. They shared a first track and it is quite amazing. The experimental industrial sound on “Kingscorpse” is absolutely epic and brutal. The track is from their upcoming album “Grave of A Dog” and will be released February 21 on Thrill Jockey. This bleak piece of heaviness is best on very high volume. tune in now.


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Austrian Underground: Epileptic Media

Austria, home of a Milka Chocolate factory, home of more then 90 lakes, home of the sachertorte, birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger, designers of the most incredibel camper Marchi Mobile but also the home of Andreas, the founder of Epileptic Media, a label for all kinds of weirdo music (some reasonably normal ones too). The label was born somewhere in 2009 and I want to share some of the music that is on the label. Very important to mention is that Andreas makes most of the artwork wich is absolutely stunning and I will drop a pic of those here and there.

Andreas is also a part of Omega World Order wich has stunning merch.

I am going to start with the most recent release and work my way down. Prepare yourself for some pretty cool music.






States of Clay

Seven experimental tracks on this album that is called “Jona Dares”. From dreampop to no wave to noiserock all in one album! I have to say though that the track “Ashes to the Ground” is an absolutely amazing track and you need to hear it.

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Mozo Mozo, Walser, Nadeshda, Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger

A 4-Way split is always awesome. Mozo Mozo gives us experimental jazznoise, Walser takes it a bit more easier with 13 minutes of ambient drone and then Nadesha unleashes 15 minutes of eerie ambient. Then 16 tracks by Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger of a something I have no idea how to describe.


On “Found + Lost” Marloe delivers some really nice soundscapes and experimental techno tracks. “B02 Artificial” my favourite track of the thing.


Oort Cloud

we got an experimental one again. This time Oort Cloud gives us  soundscapes and experimental bleeps.

Puke Puddle

Intens eerie industrial sounds by Puke Puddle on the latest “Detox”


SE Mustard Terrorist

Very creepy futuristic electronic punk loop noise. This is probably already a genre but I baptize this music Floop music.


The Mild

Aha! here we have something else, something thats sounds a bit as if a posthardcore dude got kicked in the face by a death meatel drum machine that only listen to grindcore.


Still in the noiserock/grindcore/weird spectrum is Tsujigiri who released “Demoh!” in 2015.


Dirt Deflector

We have reached a very strange moment in the timeline of Epileptic Media. its seems the label released a very normal and cool sounding band wich can be described simply as stoner.

Henry Fonda

Another spastic grindcore powerviolence band. Please turn very loud to enjoy this.





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Electronic Sunday: “No Sleep ‘Til Avon” a compilation by the Avon Terror Corps label

I really want to add a new layer to Fuzzy Sun and I want that layer to be experimental techno/Industrial/noise. Or something like that, I am not an expert, I feel like a baby trying to steer a helicopter. I shared Shit and Shine, Oil Thief and Giant Swan already and I feel I am doing pretty good. To all the noiserock fans and psychedelic rock fans I can only say, hope you enjoy this stuff too.

This time i am sharing “No Sleep ‘Til Avon” wich is a compilation of the Avon Terror Corps Collective. As I said I am new to the game but there are quit a lot of bands on this comp I really dig, there is some psychedelic and Industrial sounds on this that are absolutely smashing. So dig in.

Most of the links from the bands are on the bandcamp page.



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Shit & Shine released “NO NO NO” on OOH-SOUNDS

Okay, Shit & Shine rules. The music that comes out of it is beyond me, from noiserock to techno to whatever falls between and out of it. On November 22 the release of “Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs” is planned on Riot Season Records wich sounds like a truck drove over a vinyl factory, high energy noiserock that is attacked by a computer.

But I want to share with you their track from the upcoming album “NO NO NO” that will be released on OOH SOUNDS. I recently blabbered about getting more into techno, industrial and experimental electronics so I guess this is a great track to share on Fuzzy Sun. Listen to  the track ‘NO NO NO’ from the album with the same title wich is released November 8. Buy the LP here.


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The Colony by Oil Thief

You may not believe it but there is other music next to psychedelic rock and noiserock that I like. I have always liked bands like Burial, Shit and Shinen Autechre and stuff like that, but the problem is I know nothing about these genres but I am going to research whenever I find some time. Ofcourse it will still need to fit on Fuzzy Sun with the rest of the music so I am going to search for psychedelic or noisy electronics (someone suggested harsh noise but this is a bit much for me at the moment). I will try to find my way into Industrial and techno.

So, many of you will probably know way more then myself about this stuff, so help me, send some good stuff my way please.

I want to start with Oil Thief, I believe this fits the bill perfectly for me. There is a lot of atmosperic noise, Industrial and a really psychedelic vibe.

The Colony was released September 25 through Total Black and Chondritic Sound. Listen now.



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Time for some new Shit and Shine

Yep, you heard it right, it’s time for some new music by the electrocosmic overlords Shit and Shine. A while ago they released their first track “Yeah I’m On Acid” wich is still playing in my head over and over.
Now it is time for “Mingler”. It is the second released track from their upcoming album “Bad Vibes” on Rocket Recordings wich will be released November 9.
press play for some fun.