In Germany there is a trio that is called Suck and they make wild garagepunk. Fast and energetic punk riffs with a bit of hardcore, thrashmetal and garage influences, most of all their music is loud, heavy and fun to listen too. They have their first 7″ inch out and it is a superlimited edition so be fast.


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Metalpunk Expander

Texas Metalpunk Expander released their new album ‘Neuropunk Boostergang’ and it is sure something, the album is made of 10 explosive riff feuled tracks with a agressive and energetic vibe. Balancing nice between thrash metal and noise punk is Expander, deliviring something fresh and loud for your ears. Released August 21. Listen now.

new music

Oozing Wound release ‘High Anxiety’

Their previous album ‘Whatever Forever’ was an awesome album and showed what the Chicago trio was capable of, but it seems the trashers stepped their game up and made the must violent and agressive album possible. ‘High Anxiety’ is out March 15 and feels like a radioactive Orang-Utan hitting you with his palms right on the ears. Yet, strangely, the ringing in your ears feels like pleasure and fun and you want it again and again. This music feels ominous yet fun, agressive yet you want to jump with joy. Hell, I don’t know, this frikkin thing is great and it should be mandatory listening for the ages between 6 and 66.

Favorite track: all of them

Enter the world of Oozing wound now!

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new music

Oozing Wound is back

For the last week i have felt pretty shitty, sleep doesn’t come and my stomach feels like it listen to Justin Bieber for more then ten minutes. When I heard the news that there was new music by the Chicago trash/noisemetal band Oozing Wound I thought that maybe that could make my week a bit better.

So when i came home today the first thing i did was play the new track “Tween Shitbag”. The riffs and tempo where so brutal i let out the biggest fart ever, instantly feeling 80 % better, this proving that their new music simultaneously rips, shreds and heals.

Experience the releasing power of Oozing Wound now! Their new album “High Anxiety” will be out March 15 on Thrill Jockey!

Check out “Tween Shitbag” ond more heaviness on Fuzzy Sun’s List.



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