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Beak> release >>>

“>>>” is the new album by Billy Fuller, Will Young and Geoff Barrow. Together they for this cosmic trio called Beak>.
On their third album Beak> seemed to have created something perfect, a unique sound filled with emotions, created with such precision, every note carefully chosen.
This, this album is godly and should be bought and listened to constantly. Out 21 Septembe ron their own Invada records.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen

new music

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: pre-listen to Xiu Xiu’s FORGET

This album is magnificent. it will be in my top albums of this year. Listen to FORGET through Noisey! Enjoy and Buy it.

Buy the album at polyvinyl records

Xiu Xiu Forget Cover.jpg




new music

Feast your ears on 2 new psych tracks by the Brian Jonestown Massacre

Don’t get lost will be availably on feb 24, in the meantime you can enjoy 2 new tracks of this psychedelic feast! listen to previously released tracks fact 67 and open minds now closed
Dropping bombs on the sun
geldenes herz menz

brian 2.jpg