Tunic share new track ‘Apprehension’

By now you should now and enjoy the brutals sounds of Tunic.

By now you should know they Are awesome.

The new album is called ‘Quitter’ and will be out October 15.

Check out the new track.



Tunic already back with new music

While I am procrastinating and just being generally lazy Tunic is preparing their second album of the year. Their previous album was released in April and was a whooping 23 tracks long. Short and extremely powerful tracks. The album was savored by many and I know this one will be too. You can hear their power again in the first two tracks that are already out from the upcoming ‘Quiter’ that will be released October 25.



tunic release ‘Exhaling’

Winnipeg noiserockers Tunic are a force to be reckoned with and they prove it on their new album ‘Exhaling’. First thing that stands out is that this album has 23 tracks! 23! The tracks are short bursts of energy that are about 2 minutes in length. Each track is incredibly loud and intense noiserock, filled with fast paced punk riffing. This album is quite awesome because it is really heavy and intense but at the same time it is easy to listen too and even catchy at times. The music from ‘Exhaling’ is a brutal, intense noisepunk riff feast that is brimful of nerveous energy. Tune in now.

Favourite tracks: ‘Dissapointment’, ‘Radius



tunic to release ‘Exhaling’ in April

In April 2021 Winnipeg noiserockers tunic will release their new album ‘Exhaling’. The first three tracks are out and this will be some awesome stuff. The short tracks are brutal, fast and in your face noisepunk. Fun thing is that these are short tracks but to compensate they just have 23 of them on the album wich gets me more excited the closer we get too April 9th. Check them out now and pre-order the record on their bandcamp page. An absolute blast and only three tracks are out!



tunic to release ‘Exhaling’ and share second track ‘Fade Out’

In March 2021 Winnipeg noiserockers tunic will release their new album ‘Exhaling’. They already shared their first track ‘Exhaling’ wich was 1:40 minutes brutal noiserock and now they have shared their second song calles ‘Fade Out’ and is again instense noiserock with post whatever riffs and the track goes faster then a puma on coke. Only two tracks in and this sound really awesome.



tunic to release ‘Exhaling’ in 2021

In March 2021 Winnipeg noiserockers tunic will release their new album ‘Exhaling’ and we are in luck because they already shared their first track (from the 23 track album). The track is called the same as the album and is a wild 1 minutes and fourty seconds long and it is loud and brutal the way we like tunic. This sounds very promising and 2021 does look a bit brighter already.


new music

More Heaviness

I recently posted a new psychpop post wich is filled with soft breezy psychedelic pop tunes, so to counter all those jolly sounds i will now post a Heavy Update!

To start this is, let us check out the metal/punk band Devil Master. Their upcoming album “Satan Spits on Children of Light” will be released on March 1. We can check out the catchy two released tracks.


On February 9th the hardcore/sludge band Pisswand will release their new album ‘Apex Predator’. Check out some tracks by the Seattle noise now.


The Belgian band ASBAK released a couple of ridiculously loud tracks. Put on loud and destroy your ears!


The Belgian Funeral Doom duo have completely redone their album Mythologiae which was previously released in 2015.


2 new tracks by a new band called Pulchra Morte with (ex)members of  Eulogy, Wolvhammer, Withered, Exmortis, Harkonin, and other bands



A very agressive new noiserock track by the band Tunic from their upcoming album “Complexion” out February 8.


a teaser by Skryptor from their Luminous Volumes album on Skin Graft Records.


And to end, another teaser, this time by the drone masters Sunn O)))from their upcoming album ‘Life Metal’ recorded with Steve Albini.