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Video premiere: Hayward Versus Harmergeddon – Helix

The English drummer Charles Hayward ( This Heat and Camberwell Now) has made a lot of music in the experimental scene and now he started this collaboration with the noise/ambient/electronic duo from England called Harmergeddon. Now something curious has happened, these three artists have released their first track and now video called ‘Helix’ and it sounds quite out of this world, not really what you would expect from these artists alone. The track feels alien, cold and trippy. This collaboration sure gives us something interesting to listen to. ‘Hayward Versus Harmergeddon’ will be released on God Unknown Records this friday. Check out the track ‘Helix’ now.

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Videopremiere: Two Suns release ‘Chew Wah’

On May 24 the Toronto psych rockers Two Suns will release their new EP ‘Sinnersthesia’. Two Suns is Danny Alexander – vocals, guitar, Cam Starr – vocals, guitar, Michael Scardamaglia – bass and Kyle Williams – drums. These four succeeded in creating a frenzy and fun listen. Their music is highly energetic and with enough fuzz to blow you of your socks.

We at Fuzzy Sun are very happy to premiere their single/video called ‘Chew Wah’.  Tune in and play loud cause this is the fuzzrock you need.

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Daughters release video for ‘Less Sex’

The Rhode Island noiserockers Daughters released their comeback album ‘You Won’t Get What you Want’ last year and it ended up as my absolute favorite on my end of the year list. It is a long time ago thazt I heard something this powerful. Daughters are a force.

Daughters are not only strong and intense in their music, the lyrics of the band are intense too. And now there is a beautiful video for the track ‘Less Sex’ too. Seems Daughters got it all.

The album was released through Ipecac on October 26.

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

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Acid Mothers Temple share video

The Japanese psychedelic rockers Acid Mothers Temple start a new chapter with their upcoming album “Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe”.
A lot of new talent started in the last couple of years. Jyonson Tsu (vocal, midnight whistler), Satoshima Nani (drums, another dimension) and Wolf (bass, space & time) are added to the original members Kawabata Makoto (guitar, speed guru) and Higashi Hiroshi (synthesizer, noodle god).
“Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe” is an album with reworked tracks by the the refreshed Acid Mothers Temple.
The album will be released by Riot Season Records on November 30.
They have shared the video for their 9 minute track: Dark Star Blues
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New vid by Texas noise punks Exhalants

The Texas rockers Exhalants released their self-titled album August 24. The ten new songs make a hell of a racket and to make it even better the band just released a video for the track “Punisher”.
Check out the vid and go listen to more noise on Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Video time with Oh sees, Orb,Flowers Must Die and Sneers

Videos are cool, music is cool, so music videos are supercool. CHeck out more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify
Oh Sees
Check out the new video from Oh Sees latest album “Smote Reverses”. here is Absysmal Urn.
Australian psychedelic rockers Orb released their “Man in the Sand”video from their latest album “The Space Between”.
Flowers Must Die
“Ejefjallajokull” video taken from their latest album “Där Blommor Dör”.
The video ‘No Man is Poetry” is taken from their latest album “Heaven Will Rescue Us We’re The Scum We’re In The Sun”.


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Magmakammer release new video

“Mindtripper” will be the new album from the Swedish psychedelic doom band Magmakammer. “Along the Crooked roads” was the first released track and now they have released a video for the second track ‘Druggernaut’. Check out this awesome psychedelic doom. For fans of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.
“Mindtripper” will be out September 10 on vinyl through Kozmik Aritfactz. Check out more music on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify

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Oh Sees video for Anthemic Aggressor

One of the most magnificent bands in our known Universe has again released a new album filled with psychedelic tunes. And now they released a new vid for the Anthemic Aggressor track on Smote Reverser. Enjoy the psychedelic scifi.
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Las Cobras release vid for Al Más Allá

The debut album ‘Temporal’ by the Uruguay duo Las Cobras was released in 2016 on Fuzz Club. The psychedelic sound on the album became quickly one of my favorites. Now there is a new video for the ‘Al Más All’ track. Enjoy the video and listen to some more Las Cobras below.

foto van Las Cobras.


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Watch the latest video by psych supergroup MIEN

The music of MIEN has that extra original psychedelic vibe, no wonder because the band is filled with members of Elephant Stone, The Earlies, The Black Angels, and The Horrors. The album is out on Rocket Recordings.
Watch their latest videoclip for the track Odessey. This is my favorite track and now it got an awesome video too, check it out!



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Mr Plague video by METZ

The noise METZ makes is just beyond comparison. Their latest album “Strange Peace” is a godly work of noiserock. And now there is an animated video for the ‘Mr Plague’ track. Watch the vid, listen again to the album, watch the vid again and go on till you only hear a faint beep anymore.


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Glass Butte Retribution video by Abronia

Abronia is a six piece band from Portland, Oregon consisting of two guitars, pedal steel, tenor saxophone, bass, and a 32” marching band drum with floor tom legs on it and it is clear they know how to use these instruments. Sparsely using vocals (but at the perfect time) and mixing the saxophone in makes this an amazing psychedelic listen. Check out the new Video for ‘Glass Butte Retribution’.


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Pretty Lightning video for This Machine is Running

The track ‘This Machine is Running’ is taken from the latest album ‘The Rythm of Ooze’. The duo Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas made psychedelic rock in its purest form and now they have made a video that delivers the psych feel perfectly.


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Belgian Noiserockers Crowd of Chairs release new video

The Debut LP ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK’ by Crowd Of Chairs was released on the Live Fast Die Young Label in 2017. ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK’ assaults on all senses with perfectly constructed chaos. The Ghentian noiserockers have just released the Video for their third single ‘Crowds Suck Me Dry’. Crowd of Chairs is on the The Big Belgian Noiserock List.
Check them out