new music

MASSS / Wasted Cathedral

It is now 2021 and last year was shitty and this year could be shitty too who knows but i have te perfect soundtrack for this shitty day for you. The split between MASSS from Ottawa and Wasted Cathedral from Saskatoon give us eerie drone and doom. Tune in and let the ambient sounds dominate you.

new music

‘Atmospheric Hangover’ by Wasted Cathedral

Out on Cardinal Fuzz is the limited pvinyl pressing by Wasted Cathedral wich is the solo project by Christopher Laramee (Shooting Guns, The Switching Yard, and The Radiation Flowers).

‘Atmospheric Hangover’ is a compilation of tracks from the last couple of years. The album is filled with hypnotic tunes, soundscapes and experimental sounds. Tune in for some trippy stuff.

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