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Igorrr release “Spirituality and Distortion”

You might say that Igorrr does not fit at all on Fuzzy Sun and you are probably right but honestly, I love Igorrr with their crazy over the top weirdness. When I heard them first with their 2012 album “Hallelujah” and I was so happy I discovered this french weirdos. They mix up their metal with al kinds of strange stuff, from breakcore to baroque-like music. Ok, honestly, some tracks are a bit too gothic for me but sometimes they are just absolutely fun to listen too. Their video of “Very Noise” might as well be the best music video I have seen in years too. Now decide for yourself if classical baroque, breakcore, gothic and death metal belong together in one song. Enjoy “Spirituality and Distortion”.


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Hypochristmutreefuzz returns with new track “Ode to Night”

It seems we have ourselfs the best Belgian week ever. With new music from The K., Skiska Skooper and Crowd of Chairs and now new music by Ghentian weirdos Hypochristmutreefuzz. Their previous album (wich is pretty awesome) was called “Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia” and dates back from January 2017.

Hypochristmutreefuzz is a band that is full of originality, weirdness and heaviness and they show that strenght again on their new track “Ode To Night”. The track is a bit of a mashup of genres (like with most of their music) and gives you an unique listening experience. This track feel dominantly experimental and industrial but with a catchy side to it. “Ode To Night” is taken from their upcoming album “Hypnos”.

This band always delivers something special, something unique and with their new music they do it again. Impossible to categorize them wich makes them so much better.

Listen for yourself, here are the Ghentians Hypochristmutreefuzz.

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Elefant released “Bejahung” on 9000 Records

Beloved Ghentian (Belgium) weirdo band Elefant released their new album “Bejahung” today on 9000 records. Their previous album was called “Konard and Bonark” and was a bit of a mishmash of different styles but mostly rock with experimental synth stuff that I very much enjoyed.

But on “Bejahung” I have the feeling the band has grown a bit. It is already clear for me on the first track “Ultra Plus Ultra” that they made a track that is more easy to listen to, catchy and it still has very heavy riffs. Like every album I love it when I can hear some weirdness or experimental stuff in it so i’m glad when the second song “Rechtschreibe” starts whith some weird synthy  sounds, yet you can recognize the sound of “Bejahung” in it, the riffs turn back and the vocals and drumming make sure they stay on the same sonic line. “Eazy” starts like Moon Duo, Oh Sees and Beak got in a fight and although the song is softer (and weirder) it still has the same dreamy trippy vibe, the vocals on this track give it an extra kick too. Probably going to grow on me and become my favourite. “Water Always Flows” is one of the recently released single and got that typical elefant sound but a bit more tender (again weird though). “Stilleben” is experimental eerie doomlike synthrock track and is a very nice track if you are depressed and want to look outside the window complaining you don’t have any friends. “Welcome to Life Sonny” is riffless and a bit soulless for me.

“Bejahung” is difficult, it is a bit of every song on the album thrown together with a bit of oriental vibes in it because why not. “The Dooor” is a slowed down synthpunk track with great basslines wich makes me move my head (wich is extremely difficult). “3-3-3” is very experimental and strange and I will need to hear it a couple times more. “A conversation in a room” is an eerie outro track and the album ends with  “My Race Race Is Better Than Your Race” wich is pretty damn cool track, it sounds like it is made in 2084 and the robot overlords are ready to take over.

“Bejahung” is a great album but it is a difficult one. The first six tracks are easier to listen to then the last 5, these are quite challenging. This album is for music fanatics, people who like to take their time to listen to an album and listen to it more then once.

Tune in, set back and enjoy, it is Elefant, it is out today, buy it here.

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

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new music

Elefant to release “Bejahung” this friday. Tune in for the new track/video

Their previous album “Konark Und Bonark” was a nice piece of work with a track called “Lord Sleep” wich I still play a lot. A while ago they released a new track called “Water Always Flows Down” wich showed that the band has a more normal side too. The track is a lot chiller then most of their material.

Their new track and video “Ultra Plus Ultra” is again more catchy then what we are used to but has a heavy kick to it. Tune in for “Ultra Plus Ultra” from their album “Bejahung” wich will be released this friday 24 January on 9000 Records (consouling Sounds).

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

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Listen to Nijimusi by OOIOO

After a six year hiatus the Japanese band OOIOO under the leadership of Yoshimi, also a founding member of Boredoms, is back with new music. OOIOO creates all sorts of experimental music and it is always fun to hear what kind of atmopshere theyr created now.

Their upcoming album “Nijimusi” is out January 17, 2020 on Thrill Jockey.

On “Nijimisu’ the band presents again a great album, the energy and originality just dripping from the record. Tracks that are almost exploding from the punk vibe and others with weird tribal rythms and others almost chill jazzy indie tracks. Music that is so hypnotic is difficult to remember if we live in 4020 or 2020. Well, you know what I mean, this album has a lot going on and for some very strange reason it just fits all together very good. This music is an excellent way to start 2020.

Listen to the impressive ‘Nijimusi” by OOIOO.

I added OOIOO to “The Cosmic Side of Japan”

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Elefant return with new single “Water Always Flows Down”

Back in November the Belgian band Elefant released their first full LP “Konark Und Bonark” wich ended up on my end of the year list. The sound of Elefent is very difficult to put in a box, it seems they just do whatever they want and the result is quite refreshing. On their latest album you can sense that the band jumps between heavy in your face rock to weird electronic stuff, then jumbles it all together in something of a sonic goo.

Their new track is called “Water Always Flows Down” and is a more modest version of Elefant, it seems they show their sensitive side for a change. the track is taken from their upcomign album “Bejahung”.

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

Tune in now.

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RAKTA & DEAFKIDS release EP together

Deafkids is a Brazilian band that released one hell of a weird and original album in March called ‘Metaprogramação’.

Together with the Brazilian two piece Rakta they have made a two song EP with otherworldy heaviness. Tune in for some weird awesomeness.


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Beige Palace release ‘Leg’

It is always fun when you here something new, something refreshing and you can expect to be refreshed by this band. The Leeds trio released their album ‘Leg’ on Buzzhowl Records and it really is something special. Beige Palace is very difficult to catagorize and that is what makes this album a really fun listen, they jump from genre to genre and go from heavy and noisy to tender and atmosperic.

Beige Palace needs to be listened to a lot, and it does now.

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Raketkanon video for ‘Mélody’

Raketkanon released their third album “RKTKN #3” just a while ago and now we get the new video from the track  ‘Mélody’.

Find them and more here. Buy their music on Alcopop or buy a limited glitter tape on Beth Shalom Records.

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Raketkanon release ‘RKTKN #3’

The ever progressing Belgian band Raketkanon returns with their third album ‘RKTKN #3’. The album is released on Alcopop Records today.

Raketkanon has been shaking the world with their weird and heavy riffing noise. Now with their third album the synths are playing a more prominent role and give Raketkanon again a new edge to their music.

While shouting in their own language and with the new synth driven sound the band produces still the same vibe they are known for.  Raketkanon can go from explosive riffs to a soft atmposhere in no time and they do it with excellence.

‘RKTKN #3’ is again a marvelous piece of work, as good as the previous albums. it is clear now Raketkanon never dissapoints.

Enter the world of Raketkanon now.

Find them and more here. Buy their music on Alcopop or buy a limited glitter tape on Beth Shalom Records.

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Brazilian noise DEAFKIDS

The Brazilian band fits best in the catagory weird, and weird is what we like. The trio creates an unique blend of noise, punk, experimental and Briazilian sounds and it comes out pretty cool. This is something new, something that has not been done yet and they do it good.

Their new album ‘Metaprogramação’ is out March 25 on Neurot Recordings. Tune in for awesomeness.


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Skeletonized/Heavy Wave

I used to post a lot more weird and experimental stuff on this website. This probably irritates everyone a lot and i will not stop because weird music awesome.
Let us take a look at the Pittsburgh band Skeletonized. Current lineup includes saxophone, drums, synth & samples(members of Triangle & Rhino & Fantasy Crime). It sounds something like the sax wants to play cool free jazz but ends up doing noise rock.
The track “Henchmen” is my favorite because of the “normal” intro and then the violent turn only to end in some kind of doomjazz finale. Skeletonized is pretty awesome and you should listen to it.

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New track ‘Lord Sleep’ by Elefant

Aaah, new sounds by the eccentric Belgian musicians! Recently they announced the new album ‘‘Konark Und Bonark’  wich will be released by 9000 records on May 11. ‘Lord Sleep’ is a hypnotizing bass track with phantasmagorical synths. (check out their previously released track below)
as a sufferer of insomnia this will be my new life soundtrack.


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First track by Elefant from new album

I have said it before, Elefant is weird, loud and truly original. As a fan from the eccentric Belgian band it makes me glad there is going to be a new album. The thing is called ‘Konark Und Bonark’ and we get the first first track ‘Wie Scharf Ist Dein Messer?’. Outlandish beebs and heavy riffs while a computer voice to finish, did i say weird? Yes, and fucking great. Out on 9000 Records-consouling (who just announced great news and music from Future Old People Are Wizards).



The weird side of music

Now and then you come across music thats really strange but somehow captivates you. And these weird, strange musical experiments always interest me.


Hawksmoor is a hauntological imaginary soundtrack which, like Iain Sinclair’s ‘Lud Heat’, is inspired by and explores the mysterious cartographic connections between the six Hawksmoor churches in London.
Hawksmoor’s churches when designed were deemed to be extremely radical in their architectural presentation using many esoteric symbols and tropes such as pyramids and obelisks, rather than the obvious traditional Christian shapes and symbols, a juxtaposition that seemed to contradict, perhaps even mock, the architectural vocabulary of traditional Christian churches. The striking combination of ancient, pre-Christian and pagan influences clearly demonstrated in his work, meant that Nicholas Hawksmoor’s own religious beliefs were often called into question.
Using a palette of Moog generated rhythms, melodies and textures combined with hypnotic basslines and ‘Basinski’ style decaying tape loops, the music has been composed as an ‘imaginary soundtrack’ that could be used or experienced as an immersive enhancement to an occult psychogeography of London.

Io Audio Recordings


Psychedelic sounds combined with ambient and electronic elements. Check it out.

Music in Twelve Perms by Andy Livingston


Again weird fuzz sounds