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Jordan Sobolew is Reptoid. Reptoid is Jordan Sobolew. Reptoid is a one man noiserock deity. Reptoid is pure, raw, industrial tinged heaviness. ‘WORSHIP FALSE GOD’ is the new album by Reptoid.

Now in all seriousness, this album with its eight tracks may become my favourite album of 2020. Each track is incredibly well made, the drumming is tight, riffs are incredible on each track, the vocals fit perfect on the vibe and on each track there is some solo or industrial extra that gives all if it that extra kick. This album is extremely good and I know it will be loved by everyone who likes their music heavy.

Reptoid is original, extremely heavy, refreshing and just brutal. Fuzzy Sun welcomes our new Retoid overlord! Out on Learning Curve Records.

Since I started Fuzzy Sun I have given two 10/10 scores. One for the latest Girl Band in 2019 and one for the latest Daughters in 2018 and now I am sure, the new Reptoid gets a 10/10 too.

I have just ordered my Floating green slime blob in clear vinyl, what about you?

new music

One man noiserock machine REPTOID

Jordan Sobolew is Reptoid. Reptoid is Jordan Sobolew. Reptoid will release a new album called ‘WORSHIP FALSE GODS’ and Jordan released a first track called ‘PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE’ wich is absolutely awesome. The riffs are extremely destructive, there is a scent of grunge in it but it is just absolutely awesome! very curious to hea rmore of this. The album will be released August 28. Tune in now and listen to REPTOID.