Traams Return With Their First Single In Nearly Four Years

It’s been a long four years since Chichester’s finest ever export Traams (Stuart Hopkins – vocals & guitar, Leigh Padley – bass & Adam Stock – drums) have released any music. Since the trio’s ‘House on Fire’ that was released near the tail end of 2016, the world has started to fall apart and thus, there is probably a good argument to be made that one of the finest bands from the UK were in fact holding it all together.

The outfit though after quite sometime, and to much delight have returned with ‘The Greyhound’. Produced and mixed by Public Body maestro Theo Verney, Traams have returned with a glorious cacophonous near-10 minute odyssey. Cataclysmic pulsating krautrock with explosive post-punk, the trio have returned with a hypnotic yet adrenaline fuelled riot that also features Lewis Evans of Black Country, New Road on saxophone duties.

The sound of anxiety during this claustrophobic lock down, Traams like their contemporaries Girl Band, black midi and the aforementioned Black Country, New Road have created a whirling labyrinth of gloriously visceral sounds.

Check out the video the ‘The Greyhound’ right now and let’s hope we don’t have to wait so long for new material next time…

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