Update 6: The Cosmic Side of Japan

I think this list is the longest I have and I am quite proud of it, it is filled with Japanese noise, psych and stuff like that, both from modern new bands as old ones. This is update number 6. Check the full list HERE and listen here to the newest on the list.


‘Mayoiga’ is out February 2021 and is a gorgeous piece of dreamy psych with Junzo Suzuki (20 GUILDERS
FUJI, MIENAKUNARU,…) on vocals and Guitar and Takuya Nishimura on Bass and Koji Shimura on Drums. High quality epic comsic rock! Buy it on Vinyl on bandcamp!



Daisuke Tobari

Daisuku Tobari has about four records out that are pretty amazing, he mixes psychedelic music with folk and uptembo beats. This is his 1999 album ‘Guitar’.

Sonic Flower

Sonic Flowers has grown out of Church of Misry around 2000. They released their self titled album in 2003 via Leaf Hound Records. The band went on hiatus somewhere in 2007 while making stuff for their second album. Now the band has returned with a vocalist and new line up. They signed to Heavy psych sounds and released their second album ‘Rides Again’ on January 29, 2021. Get yourself ready for some absolutely gorgeous heavy psych.


This Japanese band made dreamy and trippy tracks filled with gorgeous Japanoise guitar work. Shizuka was Seven , Kosugi Jun, Miura Maki and Shizuka. This live album called ‘Live: 伝承美学 [Traditional Aesthetics]’ was released in 2008 on P.S.F. Records.

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