X’ed Out release ‘We All Do Wrong’

The Human Worth noiserocklabel (Gaffa Bandana, Modern Technology, Cower, Evan Gildersleeve 72%) is a charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases. With really cool releases that are so far all in the noiserock spectrum.

X’ed Out (a band featuring members of Silent Front and Working Men’s Club) released their new album ‘We All Do Wrong’ and it is a fierce piece of work, it is relentless, there is no pause or room to breathe on this album and this kind of intensity is what makes this album so great. Except maybe for the last track ‘The Noble Rot’ which is a piece of gorgeous experimental darkness. On all the other track are non stop riffs followed by dark postpunk interludes followed by sreams and pure in your face noiserock. Extra fun is the trumpet and keys on the songs which give it just that extra crunchy atmosphere. A truly excellent album

The album is recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studio (Big Lad / Petbrick) and Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / OLD). A portion of proceeds going to Breast Cancer UK

Favourite track: ‘The 5 Headed Boy’ and ‘The Noble Rot’



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