Fuzzy Sun: The best of 2022

Fuzzy Sun revives for one day, afterwards it is dead as a doornail again. This shitty year is almost at an end and because of all the overwhelming requests for an end of the year list I will make one but with a minimum number of words. So here is my EOTY list accompanied with the shortest possible reviews. For those who can not live without me: on very irregular intervals I post links of cool bands on my facebook page. Goodbye.

1. Chat Pile – God’s Country

Do I believe that this is the best record of the year? Yes I do.

2. Show Me The Body – Trouble The Water

Show Me The Body makes me feel like punching someone in the teeth. But I won’t punch someone in the teeth because I am a friendly person.

3. Gilla Band – Most Normal


4. Viagra Boys – Cave World

I can’t write a decent review with my ADD.

5. Gnod – Hexen Valley

Thank Gnod for this very good record.

6. Black Angels – Wilderness of Mirrors

This list is not all dirty noiserock, It can have some damn good psych as well.

7. Crowd of Chairs – Defluencer

I made spaghetti while listening to this album for the first time. It goes very well together.

8. White Suns – Dead Time

I feel a lot like how this album sounds and it troubles me.

9. Thank – Thoughtless Cruelty

Like a slug on speed.

10. Blacklisters – Leisure Center

Yesterday I slipped on the sidewalk and hurt my elbow. When I came home I listened to ‘Leisure Center’. My elbow still hurt but the music was very good.

11. Crippling Alcoholism – When The Drugs That Made You Sick Are The Drugs That Make You Better

Peak depression.

12. Shit and Shine – New Confusion

Sometimes I sit close to my dryer to hear the comforting sounds. When there are no clothes in the dryer I listen to ‘New Confusion’.

13. Belk – The Committee

I would like to place this album higher in my list bbut its a lot of work to change all the numbers.

14. Mesher – Mesher

🌌 (i tried to insert a very cool Milky Way emoji, hope you can see it).

15. DUG – Pain Machine

Sounds like two excavators having sex.

16. Cronies – Slow Wrist, Grave Shift

All genres in one blender on volume 11.

17. Bruxa Maria/MoE

I released my end of the year list to fast and forgot about this piece of pure brilliance! MoE and Bruxa Maria works as good together as ham and cheese.

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