Shimmer is back with new music

I can’t seem to find much online about Shimmer, not that i did a lot of effort but still. I do remember I posted their previous self titled album that was released in 2017 on Drop Medium. I was pretty blown away by the album, Shimmer seems to excel in this experimentel punk and noiserock tunes and still they succes at being catchy an fun to listen to. This band (with member of Palberta, Simon Hanes of Tredici Bacci and ex- of Guerilla Toss, and Paco Cathcart aka The Cradle) seems to do as they please and that is what makes it so great. So there is new music! There is a first track called ‘Into The Mass’ wich is from their upcoming album ‘As I Revel’. This beast will be released November 8 on Decoherence Records. This is a band that stays in my head and it will not leave. Enter now.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor shimmer and i revel

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