72%/Modern Technology split soon on Human Worth

There is a lot of stuff in the title that gets me really excited and I mean it like in ‘OW I’M REALLY EXCITED’ excited. First of all I’m getting warm by hearing there is a new release on Human Worth wich is a really awesome noiserocklabel that has put out some incredible compilations and albums (Gaffa Bandana, Modern Technology, Cower, Even Gildersleeve). And you can feel good when buying stuff from them because each time a chunk of money goes to a good cause.

Now I am getting really giggity when I see it is a split between Modern Technology (whose album Service Provider is truly spectacular) and the noiserockers 72% (with their previous album out on Hominid Sounds). So these are two really really good bands so I guess by know you humans are as overexcited as well. The 7″ is called ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Bastards’ and will be available to pre-order 5th March from HUMAN WORTH with 10% of the proceeds + Bandcamp’s usual 15% cut on the fee waiver days will go to the charity CALM – a leading movement against suicide, who are currently supporting more people than ever through this challenging time.

Now, completely overcome with joy, we can listen to the new track by 72% wich feels like Leatherface, Hellraiser and Candyman have formed a band only to destroy your face with brutal riffs and noise. Watch the vid and turn very loud! Pre-order now on bandcamp!




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