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Trigger Cut release ‘Rogo’

The German three piece Trigger cut are back after their 2019 album ‘Buster’. The new album ‘Rogo’ is out since March 1 and and is quite the beast. It seems Trigger Cut has switched to a higher gear, their music sounds fuller and maybe a bit faster and more agressive, maybe this is because the album was written during the pandemic (you probably heard about that). Ralph Schaarschmidt (you may came across his name throughout the internet about all things noiserock/postpunk)  delivers the treble guitar and slightly deranged vocals on ‘Rogo’ and its those vocals that give it a bit of an extra kick for me, they make it sound a bit more crazy, give the whole album a more raw feel.

‘Rogo’ is an excellent album, it is a sonic attack of noiserock with some postpunk vibes. Lucky for you the LP is also beautifuly designed so it will fit just nice in you collection. Order it on bandcamp now.


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